2 thoughts on “June 27, 2011

  • Mary Ann Matakitis

    Hello Aarron,
    I was searching the web for something related to e-stim when I happened across your site. I notice that you were in Wildwood Crest when your injury occurred and the rehab you have been doing at KKI. My son, now 9 yr old, was injured May 2007, C3, ASIA-A, complete. We spent many months at KKI both IP and OP. We live in Morris County, NJ. I imagine our families face many of the same daily challenges and wonder if you would care to communicate some? You will have my email from the posting. It seems your progress has been remarkable and I can see you and your family are committed to recovery as are we.
    Best Regards,
    Mary Ann

  • wood

    Aaron: That’s exciting stuff!
    Even though we don’t see each other often you are constantly in my thoughts & prayers. Don’t give up–Dont’ ever give up!

    Aaron, Just to see those neat legs is exciting and to see them move is beyond great. You are in our prayers daily. As our piano teacher used to say, “Keep on keeping on. Love, Mammaw and Pappaw

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