September 21 Fundraiser – Monkey Joe’s

Hello everyone!  Our next fundraiser will be a little different, as it is more directed towards children.  Thanks to Heather Kostoff, who is responsible for setting this up, 15% of all proceeds made during the hours of 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on September 21, 2011 will be donated to my fund.  This will be held at the Camp Hill location.  You may search for a location on their website.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks a lot!

What is Monkey Joe’s?  Please check out their website,  Here is a little information taken directly from their website:

Bring your kids to Monkey Joe’s fun-filled inflatable play center! Our wall-to-wall inflatable slides, jumps, and obstacle courses will keep your kids active, happy, and healthy. Our play center is suitable for kids 12 years-old and younger. Our Mini Monkey Zone is a separate toddler play area that will keep your little ones safe and secure.

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your kids is our top priority. In order to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of most common germs, we sanitize all inflatable surfaces with Swisher Hygiene. We also have separate play areas for kids 2-12 years-old and kids 3 years-old and younger. Although both areas are supervised by our trained staff to ensure your kid’s safety, we strongly encourage parents to monitor their children during play.

While your kids monkey around, you take advantage of our adult area, which features comfortable seating, free high-speed wireless Internet, flat screen televisions, and computer stations. Although we provide this adult area, we strongly suggest parents take an active role in supervising their children during play. We’d much rather see parents spending quality time with their children!

One thought on “September 21 Fundraiser – Monkey Joe’s

  • Jennifer Cupp

    We love Monkey Joes! It’s a great place for kids, I will try and be there, I think this is a great way to raise funds and have fun too watching the little ones go crazy 🙂

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