I’m back!

Hello! I’m not sure how many people still follow my page but I definitely have not done a great job of keeping it current. I’m going to change that and get back into blogging. My life isn’t the most exciting but I think there are at least a few people that are still interested, so I owe it to them/you. I also enjoy writing, as difficult as it is using speech recognition.. I hope there are some of you out there that are reading this message and I’m not just talking to myself! 🙂

Stay tuned…

NFL Pick ’em League

We are having a fundraiser to hopefully help offset the cost of an upcoming medical bill. $20.00 per entry. Please pass along to anyone you feel may be interested. The more we have the bigger the pot and the bigger the payouts. Your participations is greatly appreciated! Thanks! 🙂


Take a Guess

I’ve experienced an entire day of elevated blood pressures, as I normally do, but it’s only 5:30 PM. My first BP this morning was 145/92. 2 hours later I was feeling weird so I asked someone to check again. 151/74. Half hour later it went up even more to 155/95. I then took my blood pressure medicine, which I’m supposed to take if my systolic number is above 150. It worked and my BP was 106/77! When my BP is around this range is when I feel my best. Only one problem. It’s now 5:50 PM and my blood pressure is back up to 157/96. Should be an interesting evening. I will keep you posted!

More BP Issues

Happy Memorial Day! I’m having some major blood pressure issues today. From as soon as I got up this morning until a little while ago this evening. My first blood pressure reading was 161/95. I took it again an hour later and it was 167/105. I took my blood pressure medicine. It came down for a couple of hours before elevating yet again. It jumped back up to 170/107. I took another BP pill. It came down to 95/57. That’s where we are right now and it’s 7:45 PM. Who knows what the rest of the evening will bring. I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day..

More BP Issues

My blood pressure started out pretty good this morning – 137/84. That was about as good as it got before going downhill fast. At 11:20 AM it was still pretty good (140/89) but definitely higher. By the time it got to be mid afternoon I was definitely feeling off so we checked again. At this point it jumped to 166/106. I took my BP medication and it definitely worked. It dropped significantly – 85/55 at 3:50 PM. After a little bit it had evened out – 119/80. I have not checked since then but I have felt fine. It’s great to have medication that helps but I wish I didn’t have the problems I do in the first place. It’s crazy what medication can do. Very helpful. Just my drama for the day. Hope you all are well!

I experienced a few highs and lows today. I was able to stand for 2 1/2 hours! The lowest my blood pressure got was 91/61. The only reason I came down was because my aide had to leave. I probably could have kept going for a while. Now the bad part. At some point my cathetor got pinched and I didn’t realize right away. My body shook a lot and I couldn’t figure out why. I started to feel weird so we took my blood pressure. 196/136! That’s one of the highest I’ve ever recorded! That borderline stroke! We located the problem, fortunately, this time around – my cathetor got pinched and I was retaining a lot of urine Spinal cord injury life. You never quite know what you’re going to get from day to day!