Attention Hess truck collectors!

Anybody out there collect or know someone that collects Hess trucks? I have 33 of them for sale. Proceeds will go towards my upcoming surgery in April.

30 of them never opened. We have 11 of the original bags they came in. Here are the years…

1988 through 1991

1993 through 2000

2002 through 2019

The 2018 is a celebration of 85 years.

The 2014 is for the 50th anniversary.

All inquiries can be emailed to me at

Thank you!

Fundraiser for Teeth

Unfortunately yesterday I found out again just how weak and brittle my teeth truly are. I did not need any further proof but since it happened and I’m doing a fundraiser to have them fixed, I figured it was pretty relevant, so here’s a picture. This is what lots of medication and a lifetime of grinding looks like. This is what your teeth start to do. Also the reason I need 22 caps.

Your donations are greatly appreciated! Surgery is April 19 and will be upwards of $20,000, not paid by insurance. Thanks! 🙂

New music!

Looking for some new music? If you have Amazon you should check this out! I’ve tried to make the link clickable but it’s not working. You will have to copy and paste. Sorry!!

Regular Picasso!!!

Was able to do some painting this afternoon. Finally finished my Fall piece I’ve been working on! I’m getting a little better. Many thanks to my mom for being patient and helping me out!