Longtime Coming

I’ve been really bad with my efforts in trying to stand lately. It’s more difficult than riding the bike because I should really have someone with me while I stand but that’s not always feasible. My blood pressure usually doesn’t cooperate for too long unless I stand on a regular basis which again, is not always possible because of staffing. The last time I stood was August 31 and I was able to do so for an hour and 22 minutes. After all that time I finally got a day where my aide was able to be with me (check my blood pressure, among other things) so I figured I would try it out. I probably went up too fast because I was only able to stand for 38 minutes before my blood pressure plummeted to 75/47. Kind of dangerously low. I did not want to pass out so I lowered myself. I was only able to make it 38 minutes. Just means I have to try more often!

Hope you all are well. Thank you for following! 🙂

NFL Playoff Challenge

We are going to do an NFL Playoff Bracket Challenge to benefit my cousin Aaron Wood.If you are not familiar with Aaron, you can check out his webpage detailing his journey since his spinal injury in 2009, which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.WWW.AARONWOOD.USDetails of the challenge can be found on the image in the comments but here are the basics.Fill out your predictions for winners throughout the NFL Playoffs. Take a guess at the final score of the Super Bowl amen the SB MVP in case of a tie.$20 per entry.50% goes to the Aaron’s Journey fund.Winner receives 50% of remaing pot, 2nd place receives 30% with 3rd place receiving 20% of the remaining pot.Preferred method for sending money is Venmo. If you don’t Venmo…you can hand deliver to Aaron or I…or message me to arrange something.Please submit all entries to:aaronsjourney@outlook.com(You can submit your entry in whatever way works for you…text your answers, send a pic, anything works)Please join us in a fun way to enjoy the NFL Playoffs while also supporting a good cause!