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Funday Sunday!

Well we just adjusted our fantasy football rosters for the games.. go Drew! ; )  Anyways!!! Aaron had a great day yesterday. 3 hours of therapy on the weekend, that’s hard to get on the weekends! They are finally starting to increase his therapy to more productive exercises, and we’re all pleased by that. He went off his vent for almost 18 minutes! Boo-yah! So today we’re shooting for 30 minutes, so start the cheering guys. Woke up with a bit of a fever, but it seems to be coming down with the ice packs. Beard still there as of now. But its scheduled to get shaved Monday. He wants to know, should he keep it? Start the comments.


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Awake & fever free

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. I am happy to report that Thursday was a good day. Aaron was more alert and fever free. He was able to participate in his therepy which included playing pinball using his shoulders to activate the flippers. I know that some of you will be disappointed because you like his new mountain man look, but he got a haircut yesterday and will be getting a shave on Monday (pictures to come). Don’t worry, in my unbiased opinion he is still a handsome fellow. He was able to eat solid (pureed) food for the first time. The feast included chicken, mashed potatoes, & zucchini. Aaron was not a big fan of the zucchini but did manage to eat a few bites of the others. The goal is to gradually move his sorce of nutrition from the bag food to real food.
We also had a meeting with his care management team. Among the many things that we discussed was his after Magee care and the vast expenses that are not covered by insurance. On that note please watch for info on this website concerning upcoming fundraisers on October 17th & 24th. It will be posted in the very near future. Thanks again for all of your support & keep the prayers coming.

We love you Aaron!