Funday Sunday!

Well we just adjusted our fantasy football rosters for the games.. go Drew! ; )  Anyways!!! Aaron had a great day yesterday. 3 hours of therapy on the weekend, that’s hard to get on the weekends! They are finally starting to increase his therapy to more productive exercises, and we’re all pleased by that. He went off his vent for almost 18 minutes! Boo-yah! So today we’re shooting for 30 minutes, so start the cheering guys. Woke up with a bit of a fever, but it seems to be coming down with the ice packs. Beard still there as of now. But its scheduled to get shaved Monday. He wants to know, should he keep it? Start the comments.


What should I do with my beard?

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37 thoughts on “Funday Sunday!

  • Jen Miller

    Aaron! u are amazing! from the way you smile at the camera i know there is hope for you! you are a strong individual that a lot of people can strive off of! keep your head up and keep being strong! i pray for you every night! you are such an inspiration!

  • Amy (Zeiters) Westhafer

    You are definitely a fine looking young man either way but I prefer to look at clean cut men, they are more handsome than the others, I believe. 🙂

  • Ricky V

    i’d shave the stache and beard, but, leave porkchop sideburns…that’ll be awesome….aaron, i love you buddy, and am thinking about you all the time…i took my baby to the PSU game this wkend…you should’ve seen his little tail wagging…hahahahaha….stay strong man, im making you a jerkey boys “mix” cd, and will send it to ya…i love you bud…

  • Chuck

    So I was voting to keep it, but I think I’m a bit late cause it could be gone already. Is it?
    In the meantime,I never did get to try a zucchini puree. Dinner plans kinda changed when a friend of Kays (from Canada) showed up with her car broken down between here (Columbia Falls,Mt.) and the Canadian Border. Spent the last two days diagnosing and repairing it after getting it towed here. The brand new(about 3 weeks old) fuel pump went south. I guess you get what you pay for….
    Aaron, did properly spank Bill over the weekend, or did he get his back?
    Montana/Alaska Charles III
    Ps–I’ll be glad when you can throw the ventilator in the weeds–Keep up the hard work,it is a GOOD investment…CKIII

  • Karen Hicks

    Aaron, I love the babyface and the beard distracts from that beautiful smile!! So Mrs. Sullivan says shave it!!

  • CACer

    The beard vote is pretty close to being split. I have an idea, just shave off one side !! Keep up the fight my friend!!

  • Megan

    whats up buddy! i just want to tell you that i am soo proud of you! You are making great success. keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration!!! ummm and about the beard…lol. shave that yo!

  • Sandy Marts

    Aaron, you need to do whats comfortable – your mom is right – its a shame to hide such a handsome face, but at the end of the day do what makes you feel good. I was impressed with your times with the ventilator – way to go. “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender” Vince Lombardi-
    Love cousin Sandy from Massachusetts

  • Charlotte Fleisher

    I like the beard but if its irratating you with the colar you need to do what makes you comfortable so there are no distractions from the therapy. Good going on the 18 min. Now get it up to 30 today. We all know you can do it. Once you get all the breathing junk out you can really go to town on the therapy.

    Go!! Go!!! Go!!!

  • Candy

    Good morning Aaron! I hope it is a great morning for you and I can’t wait to see what your decision is! Personally, I like your cute little baby face without it. 🙂 Love you and rooting for you! Candy

  • ShanTotheJan

    Now you know the dilemma that I go threw every month on whether or not to shave my legs. Pros-you look like Mose from The Office and you won’t have to worry about keeping up with it. Cons-you look like Mose and it’s probably quite hot and itchy. Either way you look at it you can always grow it back if you decide that you miss it. Kind of like that awesome hair you were sporting for awhile. TTYL

  • Uncle Ed

    Ern, your face is too damn handsome to cover up. why do you think I never grew one? Hang in there see ya soon.

  • Amy Mac

    It looks good Aaron but I say cut it down and let it grow again 🙂
    AWESOME on the 18 mins. We r rootin for more!! xo

  • Jackie Lerch

    Great job on the therapy.
    I voted to shave the beard but it’s such a nice beard I think I might be wrong!!!

  • Luke

    Aaron, You call that a beard? Come on dude, I call that my 5 o’clock shadow. I’ll be down in a few and you better have a real beard at that time. I’ll be down to examine it in a few days and if it is thicker then my eyebrow, excuse me, eyebrow’s will it be a real beard.

  • Becky

    Awesome job on the breathing! I know you can do the 30, cause you’re a hardass 🙂 My Greg grows a beard every winter and yours is way thicker than he could ever grow.. he’d be jealous! I love it, think you look like a stud! I say keep it!

  • Steve S

    Great to see you the other day… I’ll stop back in soon. Keepin the prayers going. Also, just a little fyi, you’re on a sweet bed. I was super pumped to see it was in the room. Hands down the best bed on the market and will definitely help you on the way to recovery. Costs roughly $35k, so I hope you’re comfy. Also, if they (Magee) got the upgrade on the bed, we may be able to play your ipod through it. I’ll take a look when I drop in next. peace

  • John

    Your beard appears to have edged out Chris Johnson for the day’s fantasy points leader. I’m just sayin’… Get after those breathing exercises bud, you found the groove with it yesterday, keep digging!

  • Dad & Gina


    We think that you look great either way but we known how much it irritates you rubbing against your collar. Be your own man and do what you want.

  • Kansas Snyders

    Great picture! I think you look a little like that guy on the TV show “Army Wives”. I say what ever makes you happy! 🙂

  • Amy Meyer

    Aaron i say keep it so that you and Greg can see which is the thickest am most prettiest of all the land ….lol…. good job on the 18mins an definatley rooting for the 30mins. And remember when it comes to the hair world im pretty good at letting people know what looks good and i think your beard looks great.

    love amy


  • Steve


    Great job on the 18 minutes yesterday…. REALLY impressive. Keep fighting that fever. Love you buddy.

    PS The beard is glorious and should remain.

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