8 thoughts on “Conewago Trail Fundraiser

  • Desiree Khouri

    I will be joining my sister’s Danielle and Monique biking on the trail, we will be in red for Aaron……and showing him how important he is too so many people that he continues to fight!!!!

    He’s in our hearts!!!

  • Gina Wood

    Hi Jackie,
    The distances you stated seem to be about right from what we can remember. Aaron & Woody used to ride bike to the 5 mile marker and back, which goes to the Lancaster/Lebanon county line. I could walk to the 2 mile marker and back in not too much longer than that. There are mile markers along the trail in 1/2 mile increments so you can tell how far you’ve gone.
    We’re excited that you are recruiting all your friends to walk as well. Looking forward to finally meeting you (Alexis always says nice things about you!). 🙂

  • Jackie Lerch

    I had some questions from people who are considering joining me at the walk on October 17th. Their questions were about the distance of the walk/run/bike. So I did some distance calculations using Gmaps pedometer (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/) and thought I would share the information with everyone.

    Walking/Running/Biking from Market Street (Route 230) to Mill Road/Aberdeen is approximately 1.6 miles one-way. If you continue to Old Hershey Road it is 2.3 miles one-way. If you walk/run/bike to Hershey Road (Route 743) it is 2.7 miles one way.

    Does this sound accurate? I have never been on the trail so I am not sure if this is even close however, it seemed to be about what I would expect. I plan to be there – wearing red (my favorite color too).

  • Amy (Zeiters) Westhafer

    My hubby and I will try our best to be there with our red on. We will be riding our bikes. Also, we will print out the sponsor sheet and get as many as possible. YAY! 🙂

  • Chuck

    Still wondering where you went with the beard. I of course will not make Conewago trail–Kinda a long commute for me.
    I’m with Woody, can’t wait to see the vent in the weeds…
    Beard or NO beard?
    Montana/Alaska ChuckIII

  • Amy

    I will definatly be there with my red shirt on im hoping that my company that i work for will sponsor me . Aaron keep up the gook work

    love ya

  • Woody

    Hoping to see a sea of RED on the 17th. Come one ….. Come all!

    Keep hammering the breathing! It’s time to kick the vent to the curb!

    We love you Aaron!

    Dad & Gina

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