34 thoughts on “35 MINUTES!!!

  • Jason Cupp

    Hey there buddy! Glad to hear that things are improving! Hang in there dude, Jenn and I pray for you every day. Oh by the way, your Chiefs got beat dude! And that’s pretty bad, especially since my Raiders played like crap! I’ll talk to you later Aaron.

  • Aunt Missy

    Aaron, the news is so encouraging. Still thinking and praying for you every day. Hope to see you again soon. Love, Aunt Missy

  • Pete and Diane

    Aaron, It was so great to see your smiling (shaven) face yesterday; a face on which we see grit and determination ! Way to go with the time off the ventilator ! We admire the way you handle the little setbacks in the midst of your forward strides; … avoid that “Boost”, buddy. We love you,
    Aunt Diane and Uncle Pete

  • Venisha Patterson

    Aaron your progress is coming along great. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. We all miss you at crump and looking forward to seeing you soon. Keep up the good work. You were always a survivor and I have faith in you.

  • Tracey(ur fav RN from ARMC!)

    way to Go Aaron! keeping abreast of your progress via ur blog, so thanks. keep up the good work! and yea… get rid of the beard so we can see you in all ur hotness!

  • Tonya Leo

    We are glad to see the accomplishments you have made. I hope you are keeping notes somewhere. This will be an amazing story to tell the world, your kids and grandkids. Keep up the good work. God is definitely on your side.

  • Brian Sullivan

    Great job brother! You’re the man. And your mom did a cartwheel into a split! Wow! I wonder if her and Den still have it in them to do the perpindicular pole balance trick thingy?? Haha…Aaron, Bill…what do you think? Wouldn’t you love to see that?!
    Love You buddy….see you soon!

  • Erin

    Aaron, that’s awesome! You’re doing great!! We’ll be needing a status update on that beard of yours soon though 🙂 Love ya!

  • Charlotte Fleisher

    Way to go Aaron!!!! Keep it up and you’ll have that thing out of there in no time. Go Aaron! Go Aaron!


  • Jerry Mattern

    I’ll do a cheer and a split too…wait, how about just a cheer?

    Good job Aaron, you’re a fighter. Keep at it buddy.

  • Erica Aikens

    That is great news Aaron!!!!!!!! You are all that and a bag of chips and not just any chips you are a bag of Middlesworth … love ya 🙂

  • Mammaw Wood & Barb

    Way to go Aaron! We knew you could do it. You and God are an amazing combination. We all love you so much. Mammaw

    Aaron!!! Yahooooooo!
    Every time I take a breath I think that I’m somehow helping you breathe. I looked your name up & it means “light, lofty mountain”…well, I’m asking you to take “it” all & lay it at the foot of the ultimate Mountain, that’s God. i love you

  • Amy Meyer

    All I have to say is give me an A a give me an A a give me an R r give me an O o give me an N n whats its spell AARON one more time AARON ….whoooooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Hicks

    Great job Aaron! I’m so happy to hear that you still that fight and drive in you. You’ve been through alot and getting those fevers didn’t help, but they sure aren’t keeping you down. I know you are determined and i’m sure that this accomplishment will give the will to push harder. Love you!

  • Barbara Nagurney

    Hi Aaron!

    Think of you everyday and love to check in to see how you are progressing. Keep it up! As for the beard…. I hope it gets shaved…

    Your friend at Crump!

  • April Coble

    Wow.. over achiever! Great job Aaron.. Im so proud of you!!

    ..and you can add this cheerleader to your squad 🙂

  • Carol Souder

    Way to go Aaron!!!! Like Shannon said, your Mom and I could do a cheer together. The funny thing I was a cheerleader and could never do a cartwheel!!! It didn’t take much to make the squad at Greenwood. Keep up the good work. We all continue to pray for you every day and look forward to hearing good news!

  • Mom

    WOW!!!! Forget the cheers, I just did a cartwheel right into a split!!! (Please don’t try to get a visual of that, OK?) Love ya, honey, see you tomorrow morning!
    Way to go!!!

  • Dan & Darcy

    Aaron, Keep up the fabulous work. Everyone here in NWest Pa is praying everyday. Think about you everyday. Campsite conversations include prayers for you every time their is a gathering. We know someday in the near future you, Jaime and Vic. will be joining us and Jim and Angie Stomdahl at the camp fire. Keep up the good work and we all love and pray for you. Love Jaime’s Dad and Darcy!

  • Sue

    That is awesome Aaron!! Jaime too, I’m sure you were cheering him on! Too bad Diane wasn’t there to do cheers with you!!
    Love you both!!

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