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New music!

Looking for some new music? If you have Amazon you should check this out! I’ve tried to make the link clickable but it’s not working. You will have to copy and paste. Sorry!!

Regular Picasso!!!

Was able to do some painting this afternoon. Finally finished my Fall piece I’ve been working on! I’m getting a little better. Many thanks to my mom for being patient and helping me out!

Crazy B P’s!

Another day of crazy blood pressures. My initial reading this morning was 123/87. Near perfect! Couldn’t ask for anything better. Later in the afternoon I was feeling a little off so I had someone check it again. It dropped significantly to 77/46. I took medication to stabilize it. An hour later my blood pressure was 107/71. Around this range is when I feel my best. An hour and 1/2 after that, I was starting to feel weird again but in a negative way. We checked my BP again and it was 177/109! Definitely one of the highest I ever remember recording. I took medication again but this time it was to lower my blood pressure. At last check it was 107/72. I should be good for the rest of the night. Just a weird thing that happens some days. Spinal cord injuries are something unique and above me. Crazy!

Great day!

Today my mom came over and I painted. I was leaning forward and must have unknowingly/obviously unintentionally pinched my catheter. My mom noticed that I wasn’t urinating like I usually do, I was starting to get splotchy and I was shaking/spasming for absolutely no reason. If you know me and spinal cord injuries in general, you know that’s usually a sign something is wrong. I wasn’t feeling right so we took my blood pressure. 202/128! Definitely one of the highest I ever remember having. I took my blood pressure pill and it brought it down to 89/48. A little low but it feels a lot better than being too high. It’s been a couple of hours and my blood pressure has stabilized at 103/69. Just another interesting
day with a spinal cord injury. It’s not just not being able to move my arms and legs which some people fail to recognize or know. You would think that would be enough but I guess not! Good thing I am as tough as nails. It is NHL’s opening night and the Penguins are on TV! I’m going to go watch and enjoy my evening cocktail. Hope you all are well! Thank you for following! πŸ™‚

Back to standing!

When I stand it can be a lengthy process because I have to raise my chair to the standing position slowly. Not only that, I really should have someone with me because my blood pressure should be checked periodically. It tends to sometimes drop quickly when attempting to stand. This is in part of why I do not do it often. Also, there may not be a person that’s able to take the time to be with me and I really shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Well, after two months from standing last, I finally got the opportunity today. I figured because it was so long ago since I last stood, today would not be a long day of standing. Maybe an hour. Two if I’m lucky. Well, I I was way off and smashed any previous record I had and stood for 3 hours and 20 minutes! I couldn’t believe it. The only reason I came down was because my blood pressure started dropping. I still felt fine but didn’t want to take the chance of It getting any lower (78/59) and passing out. Hopefully I’ll get more opportunities to stand sooner because it really is good for me and it feels good! Thanks for reading!

I’m back!

Hello! I’m not sure how many people still follow my page but I definitely have not done a great job of keeping it current. I’m going to change that and get back into blogging. My life isn’t the most exciting but I think there are at least a few people that are still interested, so I owe it to them/you. I also enjoy writing, as difficult as it is using speech recognition.. I hope there are some of you out there that are reading this message and I’m not just talking to myself! πŸ™‚

Stay tuned…

NFL Pick ’em League

We are having a fundraiser to hopefully help offset the cost of an upcoming medical bill. $20.00 per entry. Please pass along to anyone you feel may be interested. The more we have the bigger the pot and the bigger the payouts. Your participations is greatly appreciated! Thanks! πŸ™‚