Daily Archives: September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

A scrapbook is going to be in the making during Aaron’s long “journey”, therefore we have began taking pictures. With Aaron’s approval of course, we thought we would put up some pictures to show just how tough this journey is and how he still keeps his contagious smile through it all. Aaron had a great day today! Worn out because Magee is amazing and works these people to recovery ; ). They are in the process of weaning him off the ventilator. Not sure how long that will actually take, but sooner than later because he tolerated it like a champ today! The respiratory therapists are amazing, the sneak up behind him and turn down the settings without him knowing. It’s great. Mind over matter as Aaron would say…And let me sum up the pictures..he has to wear a neck brace due to his spinal fusion surgery(that took place the day of the accident) for 4-6 weeks..and the tracheostomy is the tube from his neck that the ventilator is hooked to. Once he gets off the ventilator for several days that WILL be removed. The tubes to his chest are a form of chest physical therpay..the tubes hook to a vest and a machine that shake, rattle, and rolls him to get the fluid out of his chest (pneumonia). That picture was taken in the ICU at Hahnemann. He only gets his “vest” treatment a few times a day, about 20 minutes long. It’s funny, but annoys him(however very productive!!). And I put the shower cap on him to be silly.
Aaron smilingAaron