Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Preparing to go home

Aaron’s Aunt Deb was with Aaron this morning and he was awake and alert.  I arrived around 1:00 and found Aaron was STILL wide awake and alert.  That was wonderful.  He had a visitor today around lunch time, April Coble.  April touts herself as being Aaron’s “biggest fan”  because she faithfully attends/assists with as many fundraisers as possible. April’s highschool reunion was recently held where she spoke of Aaron and his accident.  Money was raised at the reunion and will be donated  to Aaron’s Journey.    April, we appreciate all that you do!   Actually, we appreciate ALL OF YOU;  those who attend the fundraisers, those who haven’t been able to attend but still find a way to participate, the local businesses who have so graciously donated gifts for the raffles held at the fundraisers, the business owners who held the fundraisers,  those who send good thoughts Aaron’s way, those that pray for his recovery, those that send cards and gifts, those that visit.  We appreciate everybody who checks this blog and passes the word on about Aaron.    I could go on and on but I won’t.  Oh, I guess I did.  Sorry, I was on a roll!

As the days wind down at Select, we will be busy preparing to take Aaron home.  Today, Gina and I started training on the ventilator Aaron will be using when he leaves Select.  First we learned (or were refreshed) on the tracheostomy, the different supplies used with regards to the trach, etc., then moved on to the ventilator itself.  We  just learned basics today, such as what the buttons on the face of the machine are for and about some of the possible settings.  Tomorrow, we are going to have a four hour training session to learn MORE about the ventilator.  It’s a lot to learn and it’s extremely important, so we have to get as much from this training as we can.  Aaron was involved in the training, too.  (He slept during the very beginning, but was awake for most of it. )

Aaron was in a good mood today, but he was a little saddened tonight before I left him to go home because he talked to Jaime on the phone and both she and Tory are not feeling well.  Hopefully Jaime will be feeling better soon and can get up to Select to see Aaron.  She was planning on visiting tomorrow, but can’t now because she’s ill.  He really misses her when he doesn’t see her for a few days.  Must be love, huh?

Please pray for Aaron and his family as we get ready for the trip home.  Thanks!