Not Even a Week

Well, we have not officially lived in our home for even a week and we are needing to make a major upgrade/replacement. A few seconds before the heat would kick on, I would small gas. Not good. Yesterday I finally figured something was up and Melissa called UGI to have someone come. Apparently this was a much bigger deal than I thought because she said someone would be here within 30 minutes. Much to my surprise, they actually were.

The gentleman from UGI indicated that whatever machine he was using was detecting carbon monoxide and basically the house was unsafe. He shut off the gas to the furnace and then turned the furnace off as well. Fortunately we are still able to use the gas to cook, keep our water warm, etc. We needed to have someone else come take a look at whatever was happening with our furnace, which we did, and they indicated the issue could not be fixed and the entire unit needed to be replaced. We freaked out. Thank god we purchased a home warranty which will cover a huge amount of the cost.

We are however, living without a main way to heat our home. Thank god family has come through yet again. Cousin Nate let us borrow a few space heaters which worked wonderfully last night and today. Melissa did hear from the home warranty company and the new furnace has been approved and hopefully will be installed between this coming Monday and Wednesday. We are keeping our fingers crossed for as early as possible.

So that’s our latest excitement. That and I started experiencing excruciating pain in my neck again. Hopefully this will pass. Also, my baclofen procedure has been rescheduled for this coming Monday so we are definitely looking forward to that.

I hope everyone as well!

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  • Melissa Wood

    I’ll cross not only my fingers, but your fingers for you. You know how I like to do that! 🙂

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