Six Years

Today, August 18, 2015, marks six years since the accident. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed but on the other hand, sometimes it feels like it’s been much longer. I really appreciate that my Uncle Curt started this website in the first place. Then it was a great place for people to come and check on my progress from reading posts that my family and friends would leave. Who would’ve thought it would turn into my own blog?

I’ve come so far in these six years which was only possible because of God and the countless people that have come to my aid when I needed them the most. From those people, my family has undoubtedly and unselfishly given the most. A simple thank you to everyone doesn’t quite seem like it does justice for what I feel, but I really can’t quantify it!

So, here’s to the next six years and whatever it may bring. There’s no doubt – we will be ready!