Aaron knocked me off my feet today!

Literally.  Yep, he was at it again today in the power wheelchair.  He was running over the cords of his oxygen tank, so I squatted down to try to grab the cords to pull them out of his way, when he decided it was a good idea to suddently turn the chair in the opposite direction.  When he did the chair knocked me right over and there I sat on the floor, just looking up at him with that “what the heck just happened?”  look on my face.  He, of course, loved it.  Me, not so much.

He had an uneventful day, which is a really good day!  He did ride the stim bike using his legs this morning, and as always, he loved it.   He played Wii again today and did very well.  He’s getting to be quite the ping-pong player!   

We’ve been a little concerned about Aaron’s appetite over the past couple of days, he just hasn’t had a real desire to eat.  Well,  we can stop worrying….at least for today.  He scarfed down his breakfast, lunch and dinner today AND he had a healthy piece of  ice cream cake. (Thanks to Bill, Danielle and Andy for arranging for the cake to be brought to Magee over the weekend!   Poor Danielle!  The cake was to be eaten on Sunday in celebration of her birthday,  but because Aaron wasn’t eating much, the cake wasn’t even taken out of the freezer until today.  And Bill and Danielle have returned to Las Vegas.  So we ate some today in her honor! )  

Tomorrow, Jaime and Greg (not sure about Gina, but I think so) will be visiting Aaron.  I hope they have a nice, uneventful day,  just like we had today.  

Please pray for Aaron’s recovery……and also for everybody’s safety while Aaron is motoring around in that wheelchair!   Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Aaron knocked me off my feet today!

  • Danielle

    Sorry Diane, that is pretty funny. I especially enjoyed when Aaron tried to run Bill over… loved that! Haha… the look on Bill’s face (like oh what should i do) and then to look over at Aaron and see him smile and laugh, was just a great moment 🙂

    *i’m really glad you all enjoyed the cake too!


  • Jaime Bennett

    Hahahahahaha these stories are killing me!! I was asking Aaron about the one Greg wrote about and was laughing so hard! He said he was ripping stuff out of the wall! Lol love it! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow! I think Tory an I are getting cabin fever from her ear infection!! Diane, I’m sorry, but what I would have given to seen him knock ya over, ha! Love ya!

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