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For a little while this website will be a way for those closest to Aaron to provide updates on his condition. Hopefully soon Aaron himself will be able to take over and start talking for himself. Each posting includes a “comment” link that will give anyone a chance to add their own thoughts of love and encouragement.

We’re all rooting for you Aaron…stay strong!

22 thoughts on “Aaron’s Blog

  • kaybee

    Yo Aaron! This blog was a cool idea… I’m glad I can watch the progress and see that million dollar smile! I know you have a strong heart & mind…keep pushing it my dude. Get it together or forget it forever, you act like Awood can’t get @ whoever! haha. I gotta make it up there so I can force feed you the blueprint 3!

  • John &Lois Schoch

    We are Jim’s parents and you and your family are on our church prayer chain in Homosassa,Fla.

  • Sandy Marts

    Aaron, I am your cousin Sandy and I live in Massachusetts. Your grandmother Betty and my father John were sister and brother. I just wanted to let you know how awestruck I am with you. I have been talking to your Aunt Debbie and reading all the blogs on your site and its pretty apparent you are one incredible young man. Alot of times we don’t know how strong we are until we are tested. I can say from personal experience and issues with our family (my brother Don’s bone marrow transplant) we know testing. We love God, trust God and believe him to see us through the tough times, great times and all the in betweens. You are definitely made up of the stuff that brings you successfully through the tough times. I can’t wait to meet you, and I definitely know I’m getting a hug from the handsome young man in the pictures(I love the shower cap). See yourself walking, running, hugging all the things you did before the accident, see yourself well. You are so blessed to be surrounded by all the wonderful friends and loved ones in these blogs,we will continue to pray for you each day. Love ya Sandy

  • Terry

    Hey, A-Ron – Keep working hard! Everyone in Tioga County was asking about you and passed along their good wishes and prayers. Hang in there, we’ll be down to see you soon! Love ya! Terry & Candy

  • Chuck

    Cocky smile today. Gotta love it, and there is no wonder so many comments on this blog comes from the ladies..
    In Northwest Montana land, the weather has turned to the better and today(a day off for me) is just screaming for some fly fishing. The rivers and streams are very clear and and cool as they are fed directly out of the west slopes of the Rockies. Wish me luck, and if I catch anything worth speaking of, I will be sure and appropriately embellish the “action” and “Moby-Dickishness”…Montana/Alaska ChuckIII

  • Chuck

    Ok Aaron,
    I have never blogged before and am learning as I do this. Mr. Aaron,I am a goofy relation(via Ginas’ Koppy side) in Northwest Montana. I send this comment to let you know that you have support from far and wide. It is apparent to me that you have takin’ this battle in hand and have the drive to see it through to its’ fruition. I await your’ response(when it is time) to my comments. I (like those closest to you) have faith that this is just a matter of time. I look forward to actually meeting you and hearing those thoughts that you can share.
    In the meantime, Can you even believe what Your’ Uncle has set up here? I have always had a great deal of respect for Curt and his technical prowess. He has outdone his own self this time.
    Charles III (Chuck,The Wrench–Alaska/Montana)
    P.s–Wish I could do the Fantasy Football thing, but I ALWAYS play to win, and have been unable to follow football at MY level(or really any other level) since taking my current proffessional position some 6-7 years ago…. Kinda miss that.

  • Dave & Carla

    Wood, We think about you all the time and hope you continue to get well. Cant wait for another round of “kitchen karoke” at the shore.
    Dave and Carla

  • Erin, Nate, and Betsy

    Hi Ern! Miss ya lots! I can’t wait to see you! I am so glad that you are back at Magee! You are so strong! Keep smiling! 🙂 I’m sending you a smile and kiss! Love you, Erin Kelli

  • BYoung

    Hey bud! Want you to know that Lisa and I are thinking of you everyday and the whole family is in your corner! We all love yous very much. Yes “yous”!

  • Charlotte Fleisher

    Hi Aaron,

    This is Greg’s Mom. I just wanted to let you know you have alot of people in Hilton Head, SC praying for you everyday. I know wants to be there with you and I know he is coming to PA tomorrow so I’m sure you will see him. You keep doing what the doctors say and we’ll keep praying down here in the south and I KNOW you will come out of this with flying colors and you will be a much stronger person for it. Keep your chin up and you’ll be punching on Greg in no time.

    Love ya,

  • Natalie

    Hey Aaron! This is an awesome website and a great way for everyone to show their love and support. You are the best and we all know your strength will get you through this. With family and friends like yours, you can’t go wrong. We love you!
    Nattybumpo, Bill and Bailey

  • Joe Dailey

    Erin, You in my prayers everyday. Keep you chin up and reaching for the stars. Big Fat Daddy will be in to visit you soon. Anything you want or need let me know.

    Love ya

  • CACer

    “We b tinkin bout yo all da time my brudder”. Keep on keeping on and you’ll get through this one. Just wanted to let you know we pray for you every day. Stay strong, better days are ahead. See ya soon!!

    Uncle CACer, Amy, Molly girl and Orla

  • DIANEMP356

    My baby. I finally have a minute to write something. You are an awesome person. I am amazed at your strength, your determination, your ability to still have a sense of humor during tough times. I am so proud of you! I am so impressed with the number of people you have caring about your welfare, praying for you, etc. That speaks volumes about you! Stay strong, stay focused, stay faithful to God. You and all of us who love you will get through this! I love you with all of my heart!!!!!

    Yo Mama

  • Dale Phillips

    Aaron, Sorry I have not made it to see you YET. Hope to get down very soon. Keep your chin up and working hard. I think about you every day. See you soon

  • Brian Sullivan

    Hey buddy. I’m glad to hear you’ve been feeling better and you’re excited to get back to Magee. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it down this week, I had to work 7 out of the last 8 days… I just wish I could spend more time down there. All of the guys do. I have off on saturday, so if everything goes as planned I’ll be heading down in the morning to spend the day with you. I know you get down occasionally, but you’ve touched so many hearts in so many different ways in your lifetime. I realize that this is easier said than done….I do realize this brother…but please stay positive. You’re moving forward and we’re all moving with you. The support that is surrounding you is amazing. It is all very amazing. I miss you and love you. See you saturday.

    “it’s not the warrior in the fight…it’s the fight in the warrior!”


    Aaron, You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. You are loved so much. Please remember that as much as we love you, our Lord loves you even more than we do. He is with you and all around you all the time. He hears all of our prayers. It is such a blessing to see him work in so many people’s hearts because of you. Have faith in your doctors, but remember God can do more than even the doctors. I look forward to visiting you, whenever you are ready for it. Love you.

  • Dad & Gina

    Aaron, We’re so proud of you. You have demonstrated an unbelievable level of strength and courage over the past 2 weeks. But remember to put your trust in God; He is stronger than anything we can even imagine. Hang in there! Just a day or so and you’ll be at Magee! In the meantime, imagine yourself working your tail off in the Gym at Magee! We will keep on praying as so many others are across the country. We love you soooooo much!

  • Erin, Nate, and Betsy

    Ern, we love you so much! You mean so much to us and we are with you every step of the way. Stay strong and know that we are thinking of you and praying for you all the time. Love ya lots! Erin, Nate, and Betsy

  • Jaime Bennett

    I will start the comments. Aaron, I love you and don’t have a doubt in the world you will get through this with time and patience. I will always remain by your side as much as possible. I can’t wait to get back to you and it’s only been hours. We love you so much.

    Jaime and Victoria

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