Smooth Move

I’ll first start by telling you that the move was pretty much seamless for Aaron.  In fact, the ambulance made it to Harrisburg before we did!  And it left after us! You know us older women (Aunt Den and I), we can only go about 30-40 miles before mother nature calls.  We had to stop along the way and they didn’t.  And when we got to Select and made it to Aaron’s room,  he was already in his bed!  You can’t tell me they didn’t use the siren and lights to get there that quickly.  Aaron and Jaime say not, but I’m not buying it.  Ask anybody who has driven with me, I really don’t drive slowly!  I don’t get it!  Anyway, the ride went very well, Jaime rode with Aaron in the back of the ambulance.  That really isn’t supposed to happen (it’s not allowed) but as Aaron can only speak Spanish and Jaime is his interpreter, what choice did they have but to let her ride with him?  

When Aaron finally got settled in, which didn’t take long at all, we unpacked his belongings and took inventory, things like that.  Aunt Den and I handled that sort of thing, while Jaime fed Aaron his supper.   Aaron’s room is huge; it’s meant for two people, so there is another bed, but they only intend to use the room just for Aaron.  They will only give him a room-mate if they have no other choice, but the plan is to let him have a private “suite”.  He is so spoiled!   (I always blame that on his Dad!)  Aaron actually looked better after that long trip than he did when we left Magee.  He had color in his cheeks and he was in a good frame of mind.  When I left Harrisburg last evening, there was an issue with the TV remote not working Aaron’s TV (and you know a man has GOT to have a working  remote) , so I’m anxious to see if that was resolved.  Aaron’s Dad, Gina and Jaime were still there, so we’ll see if they got that worked out. 

I do want to tell you about Aaron’s outing.  It was pretty much nondescript.  We didn’t get to go to Starbucks or Love Park because we got started late.  We walked down the block into the Sheraton and just walked through the lobby.  Aaron did practice getting through some different style doorways in his power wheelchair and that went well.   He maneuvered the sidewalk cutouts very well.  The most stressful part was crossing the streets in all of that Philadelphia traffic.  Luckily, where we crossed, there were police and they assisted us.  So, sorry, not much to tell about the outing, which I guess, is a good thing!  

I wanted to get the address of Select and put it out here for everybody, along with Aaron’s room number, etc., but I left the information in Aaron’s room.  I will do my best to get that today and either I will put an update out here or Aaron’s dad will.  He is planning on visiting Aaron this afternoon to watch football. 

Well, as always, I ask that you pray for Aaron’s continued recovery and specifically for progress getting off that ventilator!     Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Smooth Move

  • Terry Gilman

    A-ron – Keep up the hard work. Candy and I miss you lots and will stop by soon so you can rub it in that Penn State beat up on LSU, Go big Blue (not)! Take Care – Terry

  • Brian

    Welcome home brother. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much. I’ve been working like crazy because the outage started. Sorry bud. Well I’m at work now have to get going….I want to make arrangements to come over Monday… hopefully I’ll see you then. I love you bro!

  • Shanna Brown

    I’m so happy to hear the move went well 🙂 Once Owen gets a little bigger I will make a trip over there so we can see you! I hope you are having a good day! I know I can’t really be there for you, but you are always in my prayers every night and I can’t wait for you to meet baby Owen!! Keep up the good work kicking that vent!!! Love you!!

  • Meam

    Welcome home Aaron, glad you are back in the area. I plan to visit you as soon as you are settled. Take care. Love ya,Meam

  • karen hicks

    Welcome home Bud!!! It is a good feeling for me just knowing that you are closer. I am sure your family also feels that too. If you need or want anything, please let me know!! I look forward to visiting, but will give you time to get really settled in. Love you!

  • Jackie L

    Thanks for the update I’ve been watching your site closely this week and sending lots of prayers your way.

    I have to tell you Aaron, I’m wasn’t concerned about the ride to Harrisburg, heck with your own interpreter along you were probably shouting directions en espanol.

    I wasn’t concerned about Love Park. I mean… come on – it’s called “Love Park”, in the “City of Brotherly Love” ummmmm… I could go there alone, in the dark (not).

    However, as an avid Dunkin Donut fan I was very concerned about the Philly Starbucks trip, now don’t get me wrong, I can fall prey to a Grande Frap every once and awhile like anyone else (which then requires the Serenity Prayer) however, DD has a t-shirt that says “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with it if, on your first outing, you went to Starbucks and I didn’t run down to Philly and try to save you from yourself!!! So I am relieved to hear that didn’t happen, another problem averted.

    Seriously, glad to know you had an uneventful ride, you have arrived safely in the burg, and that you are closer to home. I hope today is relaxing for you and that you enjoy the football games! May your team win BIG!

  • Eileen

    YAY on the uneventful return to the Burg. So glad you are closer to home and one step closer to breaking out! Take care, prayers still coming your way!

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