Valentine’s Day Weekend

Aaron had physical therapy on Friday at Hershey Med. Ctr., which went very well.   They stood him up in the standing machine again.  The first time they put him up, his face got a little gray and he felt a bit nauseous, so they sat him back down.  We applied some cold compresses, waited a little bit and tried putting him up again.  This time it went very well.  He was able to tolerate standing up and did so for several minutes.  The therapist then moved him to a mat and we sat him up on the edge of the mat.   She positioned his arms out behind him on the mat, so that he was putting some of his weight on them.  She then had him rock from side to side using the muscles he has control of, in his shoulders and upper arms.  He accomplished it with no problem.  In fact, she was able to let go of him, and with no support, he could sit up and rock from left to right.  I was very impressed with my boy!  So, we continue with PT and hope that when we get to Kennedy-Krieger in the first week of March that he is stronger and able to take whatever they throw his way! 

I’m not sure if Aaron will want to post any details on the blog about his weekend or not, but I’ll just tell you a little bit about it!

Aaron spent the weekend with Jaime and Tory at Jaime’s parent’s house in Malvern.  I drove him there Saturday and picked him up Sunday.  Of course, it’s never enough time, but he really seemed to enjoy himself, as he always does when he’s with his ladies (which doesn’t include me, of course, I was merely the chauffeur).   

God was with us this weekend, because after Sam (my husband) and I dropped Aaron off in Elizabethtown Sunday night, we headed for home and a few miles into the drive, our transmission went out!  I am just so grateful that didn’t happen with Aaron in the van!    Thanks to Aaron’s dad, Greg (a.k.a Woody), who came to our rescue and drove us home to Hummelstown. 

I also want to mention the wonderful fundraiser held for Aaron at the Middletown Moose on Saturday night.  It ran so smoothly, everybody seemed to have a nice time.  Thank you to everyone involved in setting it up and also to everybody who attended.  It is so heartwarming to see so many people show up to support my son.  It makes me proud to know that he is loved by so many people!

OK, Aaron, if you want to give us any more details about your weekend with Jaime, I am SURE people would like to hear about it.  The ball’s in your court!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Weekend

  • Amber See

    I came across this book and things in it and thought it may be useful to you and your family.

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    1. To help you feel at home in the world.
    2. To help you totally accept yourself.
    3. To show you that you can let go of fear.
    4. To bring you to the place where you can feel forgiveness.
    5. To help you uncover your true hidden talent.
    6. To give you what you need to find true love.
    7. To help you become stronger.
    8. To help you discover the play in life.
    9. To show you how to live with a sense of mission.
    10. To help you become a truly good person.

  • Steph Johnson

    It’s so awesome to see how much progress you’ve been making! I’m glad that you’re doing so well. Sounds like you had a great Valentine’s with your girls. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what happens next in your progress!

  • Chuck

    Just checkin’ in Aaron, and wondering how You’re doing. Me, I find myself watching Olympic Curling and enjoying it no matter how pathetic our’ American team is doing. I’m not sure what it is about Curling, but every Winter Olympics I find myself wanting to join the local curling club.
    And this year I mean. Honest…
    See You in the funny pages,
    Alaska/Montana Charles III
    Ps.-Give the Family my best–CKIII

  • Aunt Diane

    Hey Aaron, Glad to hear you had a special Valentine’s weekend with your Sweethearts. It’s wonderful to hear that your therapy at H.M. is going so well. Keep working hard in preparation for Kennedy Krieger. I really think good things are going to happen. Thank goodness you were not stranded in the van. Hope your Mom and Sam can get it fixed easily. Thanks Bro for coming to the rescue. Thinking of you and always love you.

  • Karen Hicks


    That is such great news about his therapy at Hershey. Thanks for the update. I know that God will work it all out with the van too. He hasn’t let us down yet. He is all around Aaron and his family. He has it covered.

    I just want to say that Aaron wouldn’t be Aaron if it weren’t for you, Greg and your family. You all have had a part in shaping him into who he is and yes, he is so loved!!!!

  • Ashley Reitz

    Diane!! The transmission went out?? Where did you get that hunk of junk anyways?? 🙂 Reading this makes me wanna cry that the van pooped out on you guys, but I’m glad Greg saved the day and that Aaron was already at his destination.. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix and back up in running in no time! And Aaron, I’m glad you had a nice Valentine’s Day with your girls!

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