Daily Archives: September 6, 2009

Fantasy Draft

Hello All!

We’re here in Aaron’s room at Magee getting multiple laptops setup for the Fantasy Football Draft tonight at 6:00. Aaron & Woody are coaching a team; Jaime & Marie (Jaime’s roommate) are coaching a team, and Brian Sullivan is here and will be drafting his team tonight with us. Aaron has a loose schedule today as far as “Magee stuff”. Yesterday, he had physical therapy in the gym. They completely re-evaluated him since he was away for a week. His therapist said he had really good flexibility and she was able to feel muscle activity in his right leg and deep muscle activity in his right arm. She was touching his left side fingers too and he could feel that as well. He will be back into a routine again tomorrow. Bret, Lexie, and Kat-lyn just arrived. It’s a full house! Aaron’s smiling and laughing. 🙂