Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

To All Who Volunteered and Showed Support

First, I would like to apologize if I offended anybody in my last update by not clearly thanking each and every one of you for your support.  I certainly intended that my appreciation (as well as Aaron’s and the rest of his family’s) for everybody who volunteered their time and service and supported Aaron at the 230 Cafe Fundraiser,  be evident in my writing.  But, apparently it wasn’t and for that I am sorry.  Someone was kind enough to point that out to my husband today and he knew that was not my intention, so he told me and that is what led me to sit down tonight and write this.  Let me stress to everybody that we appreciate each and every one of you who worked at the cafe; those who donated the items that were raffled off, those who did work behind the scenes, those who took pictures, etc.   Believe me, everybody’s efforts  were appreciated!  

I didn’t visit Aaron today, I went to work, but his dad was with him all day.  He was off the ventilator today, and on the trach collar.  According to Greg, he was very, very tired.  No wonder after yesterday!   I don’t know if Aaron’s dad will put an update on the blog tonight or tomorrow about his visit with Aaron today, so I’ll stop here.   

Never doubt that Aaron and his family are grateful for your support.  And if we are remiss in thanking you on this blog, please know that all that you have done for Aaron is sincerely appreciated. 

Please continue to pray for Aaron.