To All Who Volunteered and Showed Support

First, I would like to apologize if I offended anybody in my last update by not clearly thanking each and every one of you for your support.  I certainly intended that my appreciation (as well as Aaron’s and the rest of his family’s) for everybody who volunteered their time and service and supported Aaron at the 230 Cafe Fundraiser,  be evident in my writing.  But, apparently it wasn’t and for that I am sorry.  Someone was kind enough to point that out to my husband today and he knew that was not my intention, so he told me and that is what led me to sit down tonight and write this.  Let me stress to everybody that we appreciate each and every one of you who worked at the cafe; those who donated the items that were raffled off, those who did work behind the scenes, those who took pictures, etc.   Believe me, everybody’s efforts  were appreciated!  

I didn’t visit Aaron today, I went to work, but his dad was with him all day.  He was off the ventilator today, and on the trach collar.  According to Greg, he was very, very tired.  No wonder after yesterday!   I don’t know if Aaron’s dad will put an update on the blog tonight or tomorrow about his visit with Aaron today, so I’ll stop here.   

Never doubt that Aaron and his family are grateful for your support.  And if we are remiss in thanking you on this blog, please know that all that you have done for Aaron is sincerely appreciated. 

Please continue to pray for Aaron.

3 thoughts on “To All Who Volunteered and Showed Support

  • Eileen

    Diane, I do not really know you but please believe me, when I read your blog, I did not for one minute believe you missed anyone or intended to leave anyone out. Life has thrown one hell of a curve ball you and your family’s way and you are all handling it amazingly. Not only has Aaron’s life changed, so has your family’s and how you are all managing is something none of us can imagine. We are here to support Aaron and are thankful you can keep us updated through this blog as well as you all do.

    Please, you have a much more important person to worry about, put your time and efforts there.

  • Ashley Reitz

    No Diane.. thanks to YOU, Jaime, and your family for your support with the Fundraiser and hanging out with us all day. We didn’t do it for the thank yous, we didn’t do it for the recognition, we didn’t do it for the business, we did it because we whole-heartedly, 100%, LOVE Aaron and when you love someone you do whatever you can to help. We were blessed with being able to buy that restaurant, and we wanted to use what God has blessed us with to Pay It Forward to someone else. I don’t know who said anything to Sam, but you shouldn’t have to explain yourself in these blogs. You being there was thanks enough and I LOVE the WOOD/ZIMMERMAN/BENNETT/GINGRICH/KEYSER family <3

  • Lexie

    YES a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who volunteered and who came to show their support for Aaron. It just warms my heart to see the generosity and kindness of people AND to see us all coming together for Aaron who we love so much.

    Aaron I’ve known you and loved you for what seems like forever. God can take the most horrible situation, even divorce and use it for good. I love our blended family and I feel so very blessed to have you as a brother. I have so many wonderful memories of you, of us as kids. So much of you is in who I am today. Without you there would have been a lot less laughter, no climbing trees, or swimming in the creek, no building forts in the backyard. I adore the man you have grown into. Your sweetness and good humor bring so much joy to the people around you. I can’t wait for you to come home. Bret and I are so in for a family game night. I’ll bring some fresh Maine clams from Leda’s store and show mom how to steam them for you. I know they’re your favorite. 😉 I love you so much!!!


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