Aaron did WHAT today????

Well, I hate to brag about my son’s accomplishments, but I think you will all forgive me.    The most bizarre thing happened today at Magee.   There were several of us visiting Aaron at the same time, so we went into the Recreation (for lack of a better word) room, a more spacious room where there is a big screen TV more suitable for watching football.  Aaron’s cousin Bill and his girlfriend, Danielle , Aaron’s dad,  Aunt Deb, Andy Gingrich and I were all sitting around with Aaron, chatting and watching football.   Aaron was off the vent (had been since around 8:00 AM) and was wearing the trach collar.  Anytime we take Aaron from his room, we have to be sure we have a tank of oxygen with us.  We did and it was hooked up and in use as it always is.  Bill, for whatever reason, happened to look at the oxygen tank and notice it was empty.  We didn’t say anything to Aaron about this, he seemed to be doing just fine and we didn’t want to alarm him.  We weren’t sure how long it had been empty, because it hadn’t affected Aaron in the least;  no “alarms” went off to indicate he wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen!   The respiratory therapist was notified (Aaron still wasn’t aware his tank was empty) and she brought in a full tank of oxygen.  When she did, she made Aaron aware of what had taken place.  He had been breathing on his own, with no oxygen, for quite some time!  Aaron asked if he HAD to be put on the oxygen, she said no;  so he continued to breath on his own, with no assistance what-so-ever for four hours!   FOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!!   Aunt Deb and I had to leave Magee earlier than normal today because we had to attend the viewing of a dear friend who passed away on Thursday.  While we were saddened about that, we were thrilled that Aaron had breathed on his own without oxygen for the short period of time that he had up to that point…..if we had known he was going to go on for three more hours with no oxygen after we left…….Lord only knows what kind of hooting and hollering we might have subjected him to!     (Aaron, we all know Aunt Ede’s in a better place; maybe SHE was looking down on you today!)

Aaron had a lot of questions about the 230 Cafe  fund raiser held on Saturday.  Of course, he wanted to know who was there and between all of us who were visiting him today remembering different people, I think we about covered it.   He is grateful for everybody’s support and asked that I send his thanks.  So, on behalf of Aaron (and his family and fiance, Jaime), THANKS EVERYBODY!!!    

So, Aaron was off the ventilator today (the last I heard) for almost 12 hours.   He was very tired when we left, but his determination wears ME out;  no wonder he was pooped!

Stay tuned for more information on Aaron’s progress getting off the ventilator!  And we’ll let you know where he’s going next on his journey and when!      (Also, we hope to add pictures from the fundraisers in the near future.)

Thank you and bless you all!   Please continue to pray for Aaron’s recovery.

14 thoughts on “Aaron did WHAT today????

  • Aunt Missy

    Aaron, It’s so great to get all of the detailed updates on your progress and how well you are doing. It’s also great when i read that you are laughing and enjoying company. You are such an inspiration and just one cool guy, frankly! I know you’re going to pull through this with wild success because it’s in you. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Love, Aunt Miss

  • Roger(rye)

    Great job Aaron. We were at the Blue Room On Friday and the 230 cafe on Saturday. Linda and Gloria came up for the fundraiser at the cafe. I had a little too much on Friday and I really wanted to show my BELLY but Jude (NANA)would not let me. Keep up the great work. FANTASTIC SHOW OF SUPPORT FOR YOU BUDDY AT ALL FUNDRAISERS.WE ARE ALL THERE FOR YOU.

  • Meam's 8th Graders

    Dear Aaron, Congratulations on being off the ventilator for so long. It’s beautiful how all of these accomplishments are bringing you success. Great Job! We are all rooting for you. Karreara, Damaris, Rudy, Maria, Yessenia (new student in our class), John, Austin, Jimmie, Alex, Ethan, Edgar, and Miss m.

  • Kerry Sullivan

    Hi Aaron,

    You’re making incredible strides with the vent and I’m so happy to hear that! I know it must be difficult, but you just keep pushing! Sounds like the fundraisers have been pretty amazing, too. All for you! Speaks volumes Aaron, it really does! You continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Kerry

    P.S. So sorry to hear about Aunt Ede. I know she meant a lot to your family, but maybe your Mom is right, maybe she was looking down on you! 🙂

  • Surge

    Woodster: great work, keep it up! I couldn’t make it to the 230 fundraiser, but I did make it to the Blue Room for that fundraiser…………may did Jack Daniel’s and I have a great time!!! Some of us were talking about a burn barrel at Magee….just a thought. Of course, we’ll need to make sure you’re FART qualified.

  • Amy Meyer

    That is so FABULOUS you are doing really great and I am very very proud of you (and the your family ) . I love ya and keep up the great work .


  • Karen Hicks


    You continue to amaze me. You continue to bring me to tears. They are tears of happiness for you. I am so grateful for each and every positive step you make in your recovery. It just fills my heart with so much joy. Again, I am also thankful for you. A lot of thanks goes out to all of your supporters, but I want to thank you because you have shown me what a truly special person you are. I am not the only person who has seen this. You don’t have to ask, beg, borrow or steal…people are so willing to give to you because of who you are. Everything you have been given is a reflection of the person you and the kind of people your family is. People just want to give, give, give and support you. I love it and love you. People are seeing God’s love through you. When people see the good things coming out of your tragedy, you are giving hope to a lot of people. I hope you have an awesome day and know that I think and pray for you often.

  • Sue and Carl

    This is great news Aaron! It was so nice to spend time with you on Saturday and to have you all to ourselves! We’re looking forward to knowing what the docs think about the newest achievement, keep up the good work!
    We love you!

  • Amy Mac

    Go Aaron -Go Aaron… a FANTASTIC fundraiser.Your heart will sink when you see what everyone made happen!! AMAZING!!
    Just for you buddy!! xo Keep up the hard work… we are cheerin you on!

  • Cory Donahey

    LOVE YA BUDDY!!! SO AMAZING! Your strength has giving me so much motivation in my life. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!

  • Shelley

    Aaron, you continue to amaze all of your faithful readers every day with your progress! The fundraiser yesterday was SO inspiring, it was wonderful to see all the support you have — and all in one place. Everyone knew you were there in spirit. Sending lots of <3 your way!

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