“I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends”

What a wonderful day!   This morning, I, along with Aaron’s Aunt Den, Aaron’s cousin Bill and his girlfriend Danielle, got to Magee at approximately 9:30.  When we arrived, Aaron was still in bed, but was wide awake and off the vent and on the trach collar (and had been for about an hour and a half).  He had just eaten his breakfast.  Aaron’s physical therapist and I planned on her coming to Aaron’s room at 10:00 AM so she could give me another training session on preparing Aaron for his day.  That went very well and Aaron handled it beautifully.  I am not as quick as those who normally do this for him, so he had to endure lying flat on his back a little longer than normal and also on his side, which he doesn’t tolerate very well.   But he and I are still speaking, so I consider it to be a success!

Aaron played Nintendo Wii today, which was very interesting.  The therapist held the remote on his head and he moved his head to point  it in the right direction.  She would push the buttons on the remote to get it to shoot or do whatever she needed it to do.  It was great exercise for his neck muscles, but really wore him out.   But he did enjoy himself!  

Aaron was also graced with the presence of his good friend, Brian Sullivan, today.   Aaron hadn’t seen Brian for a couple of weeks, but it was quite a bit longer than that since he’d seen Bill and Danielle.  He was THRILLED to have his friends with him today.  Aunt Den and I sort of removed ourselves as much as possible so the young ‘unz could enjoy each other and catch up.   They took turns going to therapy with him.  At one point, the girls left the room because the guys fell asleep;  Brian in Aaron’s bed, Aaron in his wheelchair, and Bill in a regular chair.   Brian made out on that deal.  (Sorry, Brian.  No picture of you in Ern’s bed, I only post those at his request and he didn’t ask!)

After the guys woke up, Aaron was rejuvenated.   He was more alert and happier than I had seen him in a long time!  I think it was a combination of the sleep and then waking up and seeing some of his favorite people right there with him.  It was not only good for his soul, it was good for everybody’s soul who observed it.   If you ever doubted the importance of friendship in your life, you never had the opportunity to see what I saw today. 

“There is magic in the memory of schoolboy friendships; it softens the heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have no heart.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

Please pray for Aaron’s recovery and thank God for his friends and yours!

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  • Meam

    Aaron, I went to the fundraiser last night at 230 Cafe along with Deb K., Shannon, and Luke. The meal was wonderful and the people, your blessed friends, were amazing. So much joy received in giving to someone who means so much to so many. I know everyone was really happy to be a part of last night’s festivities and such dedication–you would have felt right at home. No matter where I looked–I saw smiling faces. Smiling because of you!!!! Take care and have a great day. Love, Meam

  • Lindsey Binkle

    It’s been a really long time since Woody & Gina, Bobby & Joan, and Travis and I have spent time together. Last night we all met up at the Crick’s house after the diner fund raiser. We got the latest updates from the Woods and found out just how much money has been raised to help Aaron’s Journey…WOW!! and the money is still coming in! It is absolutely amazing how generous people are…especially those that help who don’t even know Aaron! God has been really good and has been working hard to fulfill a huge financial need. The fact that people are reading all these blog-posts and seeing that Aaron has no intention of just rolling over and “giving up” has been a huge inspiration to all those who have given towards the need and prayer. Thank you, Aaron, for being an amazing example to us!

    Love, Lindsey, Travis, Calvin

  • Marie Denlinger

    I just wanted to say how fantastic tonight’s fundraiser was! I’m Jaime’s roommate and I think about Aaron all of the time and track his journey through this website and Jaime’s updates. Keep up the good work Aaron and I know nothing but good things are coming your way. You and Jaime absolutely deserve nothing but the best!

    You’re in my thoughts,

  • Chad & Kelly

    Just ate at the cafe! Man you are LOVED! it was great Aaron. You must be so proud! and i heard last night at blue room went well too. I got to meet Jamie. Good choice! Oh and chad and i are having a baby in June! so i got kinda emotional meeting Jamie, i had to hold back tears. LOL
    i guess people gave pics of your to put on all the tables and april gave some homecoming ones hahaha wow high school!

  • Karen Hicks

    Hi Bud! Will and I are away this weekend at Brigantine, New Jersey. We went to Cape May today and are going to Atlantic City tonight. I am sorry that we aren’t there for the fundraiser, but we are there in spirit. I know that it will be a wonderful time and God will work in more people’s hearts today all because of you. You are such a blessing!!!
    I am glad that Brian and Bill were both with you on Thursday. There is a strong bond between you 3. I am just as happy that Brian has you two in his life, as your mom was, that you had them there. It’s hard to believe that you 3 are that close after being roommates!!lol It isn’t always easy to live together, but God has brought you all together and he isn’t going to let anything come between you all. It is good for the soul and I am glad your mom got to observe it. It’s a good feeling knowing you are not the only person who loves your baby. You are soooo loved!!!!

  • Pete and Diane

    Hi Aaron,
    It’s great news to hear how long you’re off the vent. Prayer is powerful.
    Every where I go I find a pleasant connection to you.
    I was at the dentist (Dr. Grosh) in Middletown this past week and his assistant Natalie ask me how you were doing. She said her son Cory Donahay and you grew up together. By the way Cory works part time at th 230 Cafe and he’s working today for your fundraiser. That’s cool.
    Also, we were with a golf group from ParLine Golf Course and found another connection.
    LuAnn Ishaq knows your Mom and aunts and her son Cory played soccer with you when you were kids.
    These connections are powerful for prayer.
    Feel the connections, Aaron.
    We’re getting ready to go to 230 Cafe and I have my Aaron’s Journey shirt on and my bracelet.
    Feel the love, Aaron. Its everywhere.
    Keep up the fight.
    Love to you, Jaime, and Tory

    Uncle Pete and Aunt Diane

  • Patti B. (pats)

    Aaron, I’m so glad you had a great visit with Bill and Brian, etc. I know Bill, of course, but I don’t know Brian, but I am sure they were just as thrilled to see Ern and he was to see them. I agree friendship is one of the best things in the world for everyone’s soul and I’m so glad you have such great people in your life! I pray for you everyday and I love seeing the progress you make every day! Dine, I can’t wait to see you and your family tomorrow at the 230 Cafe!Love, Patti

  • Maura Biesecker

    Hey Aaron .. just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and praying you get stronger every day. Keep up the great progress and hang in there. Hugs Maura

  • DIANEMP356 Post author

    One thing I didn’t mention. When we left Magee at 6:30, Aaron was still on the trach collar. I don’t know what time he went back on the vent, but I know he was on the collar for at least 10 hours!

    Aaron’s Mom

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