Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

Another victim of Aaron’s driving

I don’t even know how to describe to you today’s event with the wheelchair.  Aaron had a male nurse today he has never had before.  He normally works on a different floor.  He was a very nice guy, very attentive to Aaron, checked in on him quite frequently.  One of the times (and I believe it was the last) he came in to check on Aaron he positioned himself between Aaron in his wheelchair and Aaron’s bed.  Obviously he hadn’t heard of Aaron’s driving mishaps or he would have NEVER chose that spot to stand to talk to Aaron.  Well, with no warning, Aaron’s head went back into the headrest, which commands the wheelchair, and the chair moved forward and pinned the nurse against the bed.  I had to jump up out of my chair, run to the wheelchair, turn it off, then remove the brake from the bed and throw it into neutral to move the bed, so the poor guy could get as far away from Aaron as possible!   The nurse was amazingly patient and understanding with Aaron.  He was more concerned that Aaron may have gotten his feet twisted up somehow under the bed than he was for himself.   Not a good experience.   I know this isn’t very nice of me, but when I replay that scene in my mind, I can’t help but laugh.  Just a little bit, though, a very little bit.  Not an out and out chuckle or anything. 

Aaron was on the trach collar when we (Aunt Deb and I) arrived this morning.  He spent several hours with no oxygen, no trach collar, no ventilator.  Just good old room air.  And he did exceptionally well today.  He wasn’t as worn out and sleepy as he has been.  The mucous was in check and his appetite was good.  Many things to be thankful for today.  And when we left, he was still on the trach collar. 

Aaron was a little bit blue earlier this afternoon.  Sometimes it’s hard for him to realize his accomplishments and to see how far he has come since the accident.  And sometimes when he’s down, he doesn’t especially want me to be the “cheerleader”;  to talk about all the positives things and downplay the negatives.  Sometimes he needs to talk about those negative feelings and today, we did.  He was  feeling pretty depressed when a woman we had never seen before knocked on the door to his room.  She came in and introduced herself.  She was a liaison for the facility in Harrisburg where Aaron will most likely go next to be weaned from the ventilator.  She told Aaron she had just reviewed his chart and was so impressed over the progress he has made over the last few weeks and how hopeful she was for him.  She said she was amazed that he looked as well as he did, she hadn’t expected to see someone so healthy and alert.  This did wonders for him.  He needed to hear those things from someone other than Mom and Aunt Deb.  Someone who didn’t know he was feeling blue at that point in time.  It was perfect timing on her part and I thank God for sending her to him.  I call that Divine Intervention;  Aaron’s a bit skeptical about that, but I’m working on him.   

So, in my opinion, it was another good day at Magee.  No, it was a great day!   As always, I ask that you continue to pray for Aaron and for his recovery.

Stability & Consistency

It was another uneventful day at Magee. That is to say that the day went smoothly with no unexpected pitfalls. Aaron was off of oxygen completely when Gina & I arrived. He had negotiated a deal with Dave (Resp. Therapy) through Deb (Speech Therapy) to be off for 1 hour. It went well, as before, but they didn’t want to wear Aaron down as we explained in a previous blog. He had another 10-12 hour day off of the vent.

Aaron ordered his motorized wheelchair this morning and selected Darth Vader black over KC red & PSU blue for the color. There was a nice hot pink & a lime green that he passed on as well. Based on recent events in the wheelchair we suggested that he get the airbag option.

He ate well again to day. We may have to start calling him lunch box again.

Our day was brightened when we bumped into Jermaine at the elevator. He was back at Magee for a follow up visit. You may recall that he was a patient at Magee and was discharged several weeks ago. There is a photo of us with Jermaine on a previous blog from the day that the the Chiefs & Eagles played. Jermaine is the one in the ugly green jersey. Prior to his discharge he had stopped in to see Aaron on several occasions and always had words of encouragement for Aaron. It was truly good to see him again. Please keep Jermaine in your prayers as he continues his recovery.

Gina and I always enjoy watching the GLOW on Aaron & Jaime’s faces when they first see each other after a few days apart. It is heart warming. Today was a happy reunion as Jaime had been unable to visit for a few days. Both she and Tory were sick but are feeling better.  Tory was able to returned to day care today.

Aaron’s discharge date from Magee is 11/6 and it is looking fairly certain that he will be moved to a facility in Harrisburg to continue in the vent weaning process at that point. We will keep you posted.

There is POWER in prayer! Keep them coming!