Another victim of Aaron’s driving

I don’t even know how to describe to you today’s event with the wheelchair.  Aaron had a male nurse today he has never had before.  He normally works on a different floor.  He was a very nice guy, very attentive to Aaron, checked in on him quite frequently.  One of the times (and I believe it was the last) he came in to check on Aaron he positioned himself between Aaron in his wheelchair and Aaron’s bed.  Obviously he hadn’t heard of Aaron’s driving mishaps or he would have NEVER chose that spot to stand to talk to Aaron.  Well, with no warning, Aaron’s head went back into the headrest, which commands the wheelchair, and the chair moved forward and pinned the nurse against the bed.  I had to jump up out of my chair, run to the wheelchair, turn it off, then remove the brake from the bed and throw it into neutral to move the bed, so the poor guy could get as far away from Aaron as possible!   The nurse was amazingly patient and understanding with Aaron.  He was more concerned that Aaron may have gotten his feet twisted up somehow under the bed than he was for himself.   Not a good experience.   I know this isn’t very nice of me, but when I replay that scene in my mind, I can’t help but laugh.  Just a little bit, though, a very little bit.  Not an out and out chuckle or anything. 

Aaron was on the trach collar when we (Aunt Deb and I) arrived this morning.  He spent several hours with no oxygen, no trach collar, no ventilator.  Just good old room air.  And he did exceptionally well today.  He wasn’t as worn out and sleepy as he has been.  The mucous was in check and his appetite was good.  Many things to be thankful for today.  And when we left, he was still on the trach collar. 

Aaron was a little bit blue earlier this afternoon.  Sometimes it’s hard for him to realize his accomplishments and to see how far he has come since the accident.  And sometimes when he’s down, he doesn’t especially want me to be the “cheerleader”;  to talk about all the positives things and downplay the negatives.  Sometimes he needs to talk about those negative feelings and today, we did.  He was  feeling pretty depressed when a woman we had never seen before knocked on the door to his room.  She came in and introduced herself.  She was a liaison for the facility in Harrisburg where Aaron will most likely go next to be weaned from the ventilator.  She told Aaron she had just reviewed his chart and was so impressed over the progress he has made over the last few weeks and how hopeful she was for him.  She said she was amazed that he looked as well as he did, she hadn’t expected to see someone so healthy and alert.  This did wonders for him.  He needed to hear those things from someone other than Mom and Aunt Deb.  Someone who didn’t know he was feeling blue at that point in time.  It was perfect timing on her part and I thank God for sending her to him.  I call that Divine Intervention;  Aaron’s a bit skeptical about that, but I’m working on him.   

So, in my opinion, it was another good day at Magee.  No, it was a great day!   As always, I ask that you continue to pray for Aaron and for his recovery.

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  • Jackie L

    I was picking a card out for you the other day and held two in my hands – one was a “cheerful card” with encouraging words. The other had a big piece missing from the corner and said “this bites”… I bought the wrong card… vu ja de (getting it wrong all over again). Of course, there would be days you would want the other card.

    Thinking of you and praying for you.

  • Heidi & Brian Koppenhaver

    Hi Aaron,

    Just wanted to send you a note again that we are very excited for you to move to Harrisburg soon. I’m sure your Mom or Dad will keep us posted as to where, and when it happens as we really want to visit you.

    You are such an inspiration to so many. You remind me much of my own children, even though they have very different health situations — you are much stronger and braver than most people I know! Keep that positive attitude and you WILL go far!

    I remember Feb 15, 2003 like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the hospital, holding Mason’s hand as he barely held on to life at the mere age of 2 years old. He was having a very severe event in his colon, and struggled so hard to stay with us. Since that time, he’s struggled with many hardships due to the crazy auto-immune disease that plagues his body, many ups and downs. Now at 9 years old and barely 50 pounds he still continues to amaze all that know him. Despite not being able to do what many activities that other kids his age are doing, in many ways he is doing MORE than other kids ever will. Our lives changed that day so much … we’ve met so many incredible people and most importantly Mason has shown us what is truly important in this life. And then last year our oldest daughter became very sick and was diagnosed with Crohns disease and since that time has developed arthritis and now even osteoporosis at just 16 years old. The one day I was having a bit of a melt down and couldn’t understand “Why my kids?” “Why us?” “Why not someone else?” My daughter, the Crohnie, said “Mom, its okay … maybe I got this disease because another person wouldn’t be as strong as I am to get through this.” She feels very adamently that there is a purpose, that she will always fight the good fight, and that even though this will complicate her life … it doesn’t mean she’s gotta sit back and let it take over her life instead she’ll find ways around her disease to do what she wants to do … which is to become a doctor one day. She too has many bad days yet, some days when the disease takes away something she really wanted to do … like her homecoming dance, and she was too sick to attend it, those days can be tough and we shed tears together. Sometimes it helps to just let it all out, and then you can move on again. We’re so very blessed just like you are. My kids are very close, they have each other’s backs no matter what. And we’ve met so many incredible people along the way, and have been given so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have had if my kids were always healthy … such as going to Africa next fall to help the sick children in Ethiopia. My oldest daughter and I will be doing that with my son’s surgeon … so sometimes I think bad things happen but if you look hard enough you will find your rainbow. So though you continue with your many struggles, allow your Mom/Dad/friends help comfort you … lean on them when you’re down–that’s why God gave them to you too. You are amazing and we look forward to visiting with you.

    God bless!

    Heidi and Brian Koppenhaver & Family

  • Karen Hicks


    I don’t want to always be a “cheerleader” either, but I do want to give you hope. I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel and I won’t pretend that I can. I just want to share with you and (I am sorry Brian if this embarrasses you), but when I had to go through my divorce after 18 years of marriage, I was devastated, I didn’t know how I would ever go on, but I know now that I didn’t go through it alone. I had a lot of love and support and I did have hope and held on to my faith. I know that the only reason I am here today, happily remarried and loving life is because God was there and he held me up and he put all the right people in front of me. On those really tough days, I had nowhere to turn, but to him. He always helped me make it through, sometimes minute by minute, but he got me through. So I know you have those tough and I’m sure angry times bud and we really don’t want to make light of what you are going through, not at all. You are allowed those tough times and you deserve them, but try also to hold on to the hope. You are amazing and you have made great accomplishments little by little, you are moving forward, not backwards. Love you!

  • ShanTotheJan

    I had to get on here as soon as I got to work this morning so that I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to tell you. This morning I pretended that the Passat in front of me was you, so right now lets just say your downstairs complaining about an agent. Anyway, I read your blog right before I went to bed last night and you know how my mind thinks while I’m sleeping. Yupp, you made it to a fantastically odd dream that didn’t even include a celebrity, except for you. You have grown to be pretty freakin famous in this good ole state of PA. So I’m not really sure on where but there was some sort of group gathering in this huge fancy church and everyone kept saying there was a surprise coming. Well the surprise was you arriving in a limo with, get this, a dark green suit with a bow tie covered in pots of gold. Everyone kept telling you how wonderful you looked and no one even asked why the unusual get up. I’m not sure if the dream was telling me how lucky I am to know you, how lucky you are to have so many people behind you, or that something lucky is coming your way. I’m hoping for all of the above. I hate the thought of you feeling down although I’m not sure I would be as positive as you’ve been. You just wait you’re going to wish you never decided to come closer to us because I just might drive you crazy. I could show up lurking under your bed to make sure that you’re happy when no one is around. I hope you have a great weekend and you knock over every person possible with your chair. I can’t wait to see your driving skills.

    Love You!!

  • Dad


    It is not realistic for us to expect you to be up all of the time…..even though that is what we want for you. God’s timing is perfect and that is why I agree with your mom….He did send that women to you at that moment because that is what you needed. Trust God for all of your needs and it will lighten your load.
    Any day that we get to see your face or hear your voice is a good day. We love you and can’t wait to see you on Saturday.


    Dad & Gina

    Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your on understanding. Acknowledge him in all of your ways and he will make your paths straight.

  • Amy Mac

    WOW …God’s Perfect timing!! You see Aaron we always focus on the start and finish lines… God works on the in between and might I say I have learned at not so fun times! This my friend is the MOST important part!! The in between time is when he wants us to count on him the very most and even when we can’t see anything happening… he is holding us up and preparing us the VERY most! I can imagine you have some extremely hard days and may those days be the days that you are held up on the wings of prayer! We all love you and it seems your job is sooo much harder than ours but your acheivements are ours. I am sure so many have put themselves in your shoes and realized one of God’s amazing gifts… YOU!! He blessed us all in knowing you!! xo

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