Daily Archives: November 21, 2009

He’s Finally Awake!

As you know, Aaron has been fighting pneumonia and in addition, had increased neck pain over the past week or so.   His neck pain was pretty intense, so new medications were prescribed and as it turns out, were a bit too much for Aaron.  (We have since spoken to his physician and some of his medications will be changed and/or the dosage reduced.)  He pretty much slept through the last 2 days.  He slept through his shower, through visits, through physical therapy, through meals (you get the picture).  Several times when he was eating, I’d have to wake him up to tell him to chew and swallow!   Poor guy, all he wanted to do was sleep!

Well, this morning, I was pleasanty surprised when my phone rang and I picked it up to hear Aaron’s voice, clear and strong, on the other end.   One of the nurses dialed his phone and held it so he could talk to me.   He wanted to know what happened over the last day or so, because he couldn’t remember.  So, I filled him in and we talked for about 5 minutes.  He talked me into visiting today, which I wasn’t planning on doing (today was the one day I had totally devoted to cleaning my house), but as some of you may know, I’ve always had a hard time denying him anything.  So, I’ll be heading to Select in a couple of hours to spend some time with him.   His dad and step-mom usually spend Saturdays with him, I spend Sundays. That way we can get some other things done over the weekend……or not!   So, today he’ll have Greg and/or Gina AND me.  

I would like to tell you something that Aaron said to me, which really shows his true character.  Yesterday was my sister Deb’s birthday (45, right Deb?) and even though Aaron was really out of it, I tried to tell him when I left Select last evening, that it was her birthday and that I was going to go be with the family to have ice cream and cake.   In his drugged stupor, with his slurred speech, he said “I hope she understands why I’m not there”.   Unbelievable.  He wasn’t feeling sorry for himself that he couldn’t go, he was concerned that she understood him not being there.   I was so touched by that. 

Hopefully today is a better day for Aaron.   Please continue praying for him.    Thanks!