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Baltimore Bound

Aaron, Gina, & I will be heading to Baltimore on Sunday for Aaron’s much anticipated week of rehab at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Gina has secured an apartment for us for the week 2 blocks off the harbor. Diane will be coming to Kennedy for a few days mid week and Gina and I will return for weeks end and the trip home. Aaron has been looking forward to this week for some time as he has not had any extensive therapy since Magee until his recent visits to Hershey to prep for Kennedy Krieger.

As we prepare to leave I can’t help but think of how far Aaron has come and of all of the people that have been so helpful, caring, & loving. We have tried to thank everyone along the way. It would be impossible to list everyone, you know who you are, and I don’t want to offend anyone by missing them so I won’t try. I do want to thank Gina’s cousin Chuck from Montana and her brother Curt & Irene from Colorado for the recent care packages filled with numerous goodies. Also thanks for the many yummy meals that we have received since Aaron has come home. Again you know who you are. A big thank you to Uncle Pete for organizing a project to reproduce some of the equipment that Aaron has used at Magee to aid him in his rehab at home. Thanks to Ralph Claire and Rooster’s Wood Shop at the Masonic Homes. Pictured below are George Jacobs & Al Wenrich, just two of several men that helped out.


As many of you know Aaron had his trach removed several weeks ago and has had no issues since. On the night that it was removed Woody’s JV basketball team wore Aaron’s Journey t-shirts instead of their regular shooting shirts for their game vs. Garden Spot. Pictured below are several of his players & fellow coaches who helped with a fall project doing yard work around the Wood’s home. They also participated in the bike, walk, run fundraiser in October.


Thanks again to all of you for your support and prayers. We couldn’t have gotten to this point without you!


A few of you have contacted me to find out what happened to the fundraiser that was to be held at Ski Roundtop.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, we had to cancel it.  It was sort of arranged last minute and there were details that needed to be worked out with Ski Roundtop which just didn’t seem to happen.  This fund raiser was being organized by a friend of mine at work and try as hard as he could, he just couldn’t get things worked out.  Sorry to anybody who was interested in attending.  As soon as I knew this was being canceled, we had the info removed from the blog, but I didn’t get a chance to let everybody know what happened until today.  So sorry!   Please continue to check Aaron’s blog for another fundraiser you might want to participate in!    We appreciate your interest in attending any of Aaron’s fundraisers!

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Aaron had physical therapy on Friday at Hershey Med. Ctr., which went very well.   They stood him up in the standing machine again.  The first time they put him up, his face got a little gray and he felt a bit nauseous, so they sat him back down.  We applied some cold compresses, waited a little bit and tried putting him up again.  This time it went very well.  He was able to tolerate standing up and did so for several minutes.  The therapist then moved him to a mat and we sat him up on the edge of the mat.   She positioned his arms out behind him on the mat, so that he was putting some of his weight on them.  She then had him rock from side to side using the muscles he has control of, in his shoulders and upper arms.  He accomplished it with no problem.  In fact, she was able to let go of him, and with no support, he could sit up and rock from left to right.  I was very impressed with my boy!  So, we continue with PT and hope that when we get to Kennedy-Krieger in the first week of March that he is stronger and able to take whatever they throw his way! 

I’m not sure if Aaron will want to post any details on the blog about his weekend or not, but I’ll just tell you a little bit about it!

Aaron spent the weekend with Jaime and Tory at Jaime’s parent’s house in Malvern.  I drove him there Saturday and picked him up Sunday.  Of course, it’s never enough time, but he really seemed to enjoy himself, as he always does when he’s with his ladies (which doesn’t include me, of course, I was merely the chauffeur).   

God was with us this weekend, because after Sam (my husband) and I dropped Aaron off in Elizabethtown Sunday night, we headed for home and a few miles into the drive, our transmission went out!  I am just so grateful that didn’t happen with Aaron in the van!    Thanks to Aaron’s dad, Greg (a.k.a Woody), who came to our rescue and drove us home to Hummelstown. 

I also want to mention the wonderful fundraiser held for Aaron at the Middletown Moose on Saturday night.  It ran so smoothly, everybody seemed to have a nice time.  Thank you to everyone involved in setting it up and also to everybody who attended.  It is so heartwarming to see so many people show up to support my son.  It makes me proud to know that he is loved by so many people!

OK, Aaron, if you want to give us any more details about your weekend with Jaime, I am SURE people would like to hear about it.  The ball’s in your court!

USA Optical Fundraiser

usaopticalStarting in February, USA Optical will be holding a raffle at three of its locations every month for the next four months to raise funds for Aaron’s Journey. For a simple $2.00 donation, each person will receive a chance to win an eyeglass frame valued up to $150. The winner can upgrade to a more expensive frame by simply paying the difference over $150. Winners will be drawn by the 7th of each month and notified by phone.

USA Optical is locally owned and operated and has been in business for over 25 years.
Here are the three participating stores:

  • East York: York Market Place/ Beside Red Lobster
    2553 East Market Street
    York, PA 17402
    Phone: (717) 757-5632

  • West York: West Manchester Mall/ Across from Gamestop
    1800 Loucks Rd. Suite 653 York, PA 17408
    Phone: (717) 764-8705

  • USA Eyewear at the Harrisburg East Mall/ 1st Floor Beside CHAMPS
    3201 Paxton Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17111
    Phone: (717) 561-6000


Hi everyone!

Not too much to report, just wanted to check in!

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow and Super Bowl  I got to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with Jaime and Tory, which is better than any game!  We then got to spend all day Monday together, which was awesome!  The best, no offense Jaime, was having Tory planted in my lap, for what seemed most the day, and watching her play in the snow!  I am truly a lucky man – there’s no doubt about!!  I love them both so much!

Anyway, hope you’re doing well…And enjoy the second round of snow!  🙂


Basket Bingo Fundraiser

bingoOn March 20th a “Basket Bingo” fundraiser will be held at the Elizabethtown American Legion. The $20 ticket price will get you 20 three-card games, and at least one of those games will be a “blackout.” You can buy additional three-card strips for $5 each. The doors will open at 11:30 a.m. for lunch and the bingo will start at 1:00. There will be lots of good food for sale including barbeque, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken corn soup, chips, soda, and more. All of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets and the food and drinks will go to Aaron’s Journey. There will be 125 tickets for sale and all tickets must be purchased in advance.

So what is “basket bingo?” Simply put, the prize for each bingo winner is a Longaberger basket…nice! There will also be raffles for three larger baskets, plus there will be door prizes and a 50/50 auction.

To purchase tickets you will need to call Judy Roberts at 717-367-1110. Also, if you are interested in donating items for raffles or door prizes, or are interested in sponsoring a basket, please give Judy a call.

Need Some Help!

Good afternoon!

I have a huge yet simple request, and I would GREATLY appreciate your help!

My cousins, Erin and Nate, had a beautiful baby boy (Ben) on Jan. 10th!  Unfortunately he was born with some issues, which leaves many questions and even more stress and concern for my family.

Also, Erin’s Grandma Keyser recently suffered a heart attack.  Last I knew, she wa s stable b ut still hospitalized. 

Needless to say, they could use  some prayers and good thoughts sent their way.  You’ve all been such a big help to me, I figured maybe you’d take an extra minute to pray for them as well.  It would be truly awesome!




What a day!  Aaron and his dad and step-mom (Greg and Gina for those of you who might not know names) arrived at Lancaster General Hospital at 10:00 AM today for the trach removal.  They waited and waited and then found out that the doctor wasn’t going to get to the hospital until after his office hours.   Greg had to leave around 1:00 or 2:00 to go to work; Gina and Aaron just stuck around and waited and waited some more.  Aaron’s Aunt Den and I got to the hospital around 2:30 and we ALL continued to wait.  Finally around 5:00 or so, the doctor showed up, explained what he was going to do, and did it!  Aaron had his trach removed, sitting in his wheelchair, while the three of us watched.  It happened so quickly, it was amazing. The doctors decided not to insert a smaller trach, but  to just remove it and observe  him overnight.  So that’s what was done.  Aaron now has a small hole, about the size of the tip of my little finger, where the trach was.   No stitches needed, just a bandage over the hole which will just close eventually.  Aaron did want a picture of the trach to put on the blog, we’ll see what happens with that!  Stay tuned! 

His spirits were especially high tonight.  He has waited for this day for some time.  There were some people along the way who told him he might not be able to go without using the ventilator at night and also those who thought he may have to keep the trach.  As long as tonight goes well, he’ll have proven them wrong.  AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

Well, that’s about it for now.   Things are looking up for Aaron and are going to continue to do so, I just feel it.  Please continue to pray for him and his recovery.  Thanks for sharing in his journey!

Diane (Aaron’s mom)

Good things happen at 10am!

Hello everyone!

I will be going to Lancaster General tomorrow at 10am to have my trach removed…hopefully!  They are removing what I currently have, a size 7, and will insert a smaller trach, a size 4.  They will want to monitor me over night and if all goes well, they’ll remove that as well!   Wish me luck!