Daily Archives: October 5, 2012


This post is beyond due. I have no idea where my mind was to have not done this earlier but, better late than never!

June 24, 2012 I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, Melissa. We have now been married a little over three months and together as a couple for one year! Some people may think this is crazy and that we might have rushed things, but it felt just fine to us! Not only did I gain a beautiful wife, I also happily inherited a 7 1/2 year old stepson! His name is Brock. He is a great kid who was raised by a great woman. Because we had a very small get together, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Melissa’s entire family, but those that have are amazing! They are very accepting of myself, my condition up and Melissa’s decision to spend your life with me. I have also become close with her parents who are also very sweet!

Like I said, we just did something very small and rather quickly. We hope to do something next summer to include more friends and family! More details to follow on that. If I can figure out how to post pictures on this web site, I will put several up from our special day!

Melissa has been so understanding, patient, loving, caring and nothing short of perfect! I know that we’re going to continue to grow stronger not just as a couple but a family as well! I cannot express enough how lucky and honored I feel to be married to her. If everything happens for a reason, this answers a lot of questions. I love you!