Prayers prayers everywhere!

Hello Everyone,

This is Aaron’s sister, Alexis.  I was talking to Jackie (my boyfriend, Bret’s mom) on Facebook the other night.  She has been keeping updated on Aaron’s progress through this blog and she said she was amazed at how far reaching all this prayer and support for Aaron is.  It got me thinking that it might be fun to give folks a visual picture so here’s what I came up with…

This is a link to a pin point map that I created where you guys can go and create a pin point for your location with a message to let Aaron know that you’re praying for him.  All you have to do is copy and paste the link into your web browser and an interactive map will appear.  You can zoom in or out and use your mouse to drag the map to find your specific location.  Then go down to the bottom right of the map, just underneath there is a link that says, “add extra pin to this map”.  Once you click on that you should be able to go back to the map and click on your location which will add a pin and bring up a balloon for you to type a message.  It will ask you for a password to preview the pin.  The password is 1234.

I know we have a lot of people and their churches all over this country and beyond praying for Aaron.  Let’s cover this map in pins and show Aaron just how many people are pulling for him and how awesome our God is.

Love you so much Ern!

***Update***  For those of you who attempted to add a pin but were unable, please try again.  The problem should be corrected.

16 thoughts on “Prayers prayers everywhere!


    Aaron, You are in my prayers as well as my husbands prayers. I spoke to Sam and I got some updates and my husband and I will be attending the fundraiser at the 230 Cafe. Also, I will be getting items together from my place of employement for the silent auction. Again you are in our prayers. God Bless and Stay Stong!!!

  • Dan & Pam Coon

    Aaron…I do your Aunt Dianes nails she has been a client for many many years. She shared your accident with me and I want you to know that you have many prayers coming your way from this household several times a day. You come to my mind often and I pray every time. I shared this with my church The Bridge United Methodist Church and we have many prayer warriors on board:) You concentrate on getting better and leave the rest to God and your prayer warriors….they are all over. Remember Jeremiah 29:11

    God Bless, Pam and Dan Coon

  • Peg Hower

    Hi Aaron,
    You don’t know me, but I am a very good friend of your Grandma Pat.. She has been my badminton partner and I play tennis and volleyball with her.. she is a competitor and I know you are too.. so keep up the good work and compete everyday to do better than the day before… lots of prayers for you, your family and Dr’s etc. at McGee.. Peg Hower

  • Chuck

    Well, The map is really cool. Unbelievably, even I was able to stick a balloon to it…(crazy thing is so detailed I was able to plant it right at the house where I bang out this comment) Anyway Aaron, my last comment was about fishing. I hooked a fish SOOO large it busted my pole and line and swam away with it. Then, because I was out in the river with my waders, I nearly got knocked over when he came by for another pass. (And if You’re buyin’this tale, I had better send you a pair of waders for your’ own use!!) In all seriousness though, the fishing is pretty good out this way and the surrounding scenery as you do so is pretty awesome.
    I am greatly encouraged by your’ steady progress,and I urge you to “do the work”. I know it will pay off in spades. And how on Gods’ green eath did your’ sneakers wind up in the back of my Cousins’ car? GEEZ..
    Montana Chuck

  • Amy (Zeiters) Westhafer

    COOL! I just added my pin! Looking forward to seeing all the prayers for Aaron throughout the United States of America! AWESOME DUDE! :o)

  • Joan & Jack Travers

    Hi Aaron: You don’t know me, but I play volleyball with your Grandmom at E-Town. (she’s a wonderful lady) All of her volleyball friends from the Philly area are praying for you Aaron. God Bless you and know that prayers do work!!
    Joan and Jack Travers

  • Jerry Mattern


    So tomorrow is my annual why-am-I-doing-this Harrisburg Half Marathon.

    As you know, I’m not a strong, fast runner but I do it just to finish. This year I was considering not running; I’ve had this nagging toe injury that just keeps getting worse with every mile over 5 (I know, why don’t I go see a doctor…well, cuz he’ll tell me not to run :)).

    I was on a long run couple weeks ago and the pain started up. All of a sudden though, I started thinking of you and the fight you are fighting. It made me ashamed that I couldn’t run 13 miles with a sore big toe while you’re dealing with something far greater.

    So tomorrow my friend, I’ll be running for you. A lot of people “run for someone” and will wear a shirt with that person’s picture on it. I won’t be doing that. Seeing your face on the back of my shirt would cause 50 of the female runners I would normally beat to keep up with me then be inspired to beat me! (Come to think of it, now that I’m single again, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea to meet someone. You know me, always scheming!)

    I’ll be with you in spirit tomorrow from 8-10am.

    Stay strong & keep the faith.


  • Karen & Jim Gingrich

    Attempted to pin- the message is somewhere I suppose. But will repeat it here
    Jim and I praying for you everyday. Be strong. Our hearts are with you.
    Love Karen and Jim Gingrich

  • Bruce & Melanie

    Hey Aaron – we are thinking about you and praying for you every day. How wonderful to see your beautiful smile and to read of your sheer grit and gutsy determination through all of this. Don’t want to embarrass you here, but I have great memories of a very PERSISTENT and STRONG-WILLED and DETERMINED little 4 year old Aaron Wood who believed ANYTHING was POSSIBLE (including that his then-25-year-old cousin could surely fit under the kitchen table with him to play hide and seek at Pete & Diane’s place on Groff Avenue)
    Guess SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE – what a blessing those qualities will be for you in the days ahead!
    I loved that determined little kid then and love him just as much now.
    Prayers unceasing, Aaron, from all of us. Bruce, Melanie, Eric and Hannah

  • Betty Miller

    Hi Aaron, It is wonderful to see your great smile and hear all that you have accomplished since the accident. I play volleyball with your grandmother in E-town on Mondays and we are all praying for your recovery. I love your website and seeing the pictures. Take care and God Bless..

    Betty Miller

  • Stephanie Johnson

    What a great idea! I had some problems placing a pin, but finally got one close to where I live. It’s amazing to see how many people care about you Aaron all over the world. Take care!!

  • Lexie

    Hey Mary,

    No problem. We ran into this with my mom’s pin actually. There seems to be an oh so slightly shaded area in some areas… it’s just a very light, even so slight gray that seems to be a no pinning area. I’d zoom in a bit more to try to find a spot in your area where you can put a pin. If you want to delete or edit the existing on there is a link to do that down at the bottom next to the place where you clicked to add the pin. There is a delete and an edit.

    Thanks for posting and praying!


  • Mary Hayberger

    I apologize, I placed a pin on your map that should have been for Duncannon, but I have no idea what I did wrong, but it ended up at a completely different area. Can you tell…I don’t have a clue how to do these things?? so sorry

  • Becky

    I added my pin in our little corner of the world along with the Churches who have you on their Prayer chain Aaron! xoxo

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