New Sensations!!

Hi, this is Aaron’s mom.  Just wanted to let you know that on Thursday, Aaron had a new sensation that he had not had after the accident up to that point.  Without getting into a lot of detail, it had to do with his bowels.  It happened again later that same day.  The physical therapist was very excited about Aaron having this sensation.  On Friday morning, Aaron’s doctor did some more testing of sensations regarding Aarn’s bowels and Aaron’s body responded in a very positive way!   Thank you God for hearing our prayers!   We know this will be a slow process, but we are so grateful for these positive signs!   Everybody, please keep the prayers coming!!!

30 thoughts on “New Sensations!!

  • crystal mrakovich

    Hey there Mom,
    coming crom another mom I bet you have not smiled this much in a while….Prayer is powerful….and like the card said, every flower had to come through some dirt to get to be that beautiful flower!!! Still praying for all of you
    MaryAnn Saylor’s friend

  • Becky

    I must say I’ve never been SO excited to hear that someone felt their bowel sensations!!! That is AWESOME!! Keep it up things keep getting better!

  • Lisa Arnold

    So great to here of the sensations! Sounds like your therapist and you are working very hard. Keep up the good fight and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.
    Lisa Arnold

  • Terry

    What to go A-ron. Pretty soon you’ll be using the out house at the cabin! Keep up the good work, stay strong and work hard! – T-man

  • Karen Hicks

    Good morning Aaron and Jaime. I look at the pics of the two of you together and see how happy you both look. I just want to say that I am glad you have each other. Jaime, thank you again and again and again for being there for him. He is special to me and now you are because you are so special to him. Love you both!!

  • Erin, Max and Evan

    Hey Aaron,

    We are so happy to hear of your progress. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. So nice to see a smile on your face. Keep up the good fight.


    Erin, Max and Evan

  • Greg Koppenhaver

    Hello Aaron

    Its so great to hear about your new sensations and also your terrific progress and improvement. Your hard work and determination along with God’s great power is paying off. We will continue to pray for you.
    I did blow my pin placement on the map but hopefully I can get back to it and correct it.

    Greg Koppenhaver
    Millersburg PA

  • Amy (Zeiters) Westhafer

    WOW! This blog is amazing, you can really see God working through all these people praying for Aaron! I am a 1997 graduate of Middletown High School and a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Harrisburg, this is the church that Brian Sullivan’s (Aaron’s good friend) mom, Karen Hicks attends and she has requested Aaron be put on our prayer list and I have been praying since. I am so happy that Aaron is doing better and has new sensations, and I along with, many others, have hope that although it may be a long journey, Aaron will someday be 100% recovered, YES, I said 100%! THAT IS HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS! Praying for you Aaron. Take care and God bless, in HIS name, Amy <

  • Steve and Erin


    I’ve DEFINITELY never been this excited to hear about your bowel movements :). Really great news bud. Keep fighting.

  • Erica Aikens

    Aaron –

    That is great news!!! There are so many people praying for you there is not way god can’t hear us 🙂 Hope you do great on your fantasy football today 🙂 love ya!!

  • karen hicks

    Praise the Lord for that. Diane, thanks for sharing and lifting our spirits. Bud, I’m sure you never thought that your bowel stories would be shared all around the world. lol We love any good news we get. What a great way for me to start my day today. Love you Aaron.

  • Charlotte Fleisher

    That is great news. Movement anywhere is good. Keep up the positive attitude and more movement will come.

    Love ya,
    Gregs Mom (Charlotte)

  • Mary Kautz

    Hi Aaron! It’s your mom’s cousin, Mary, writing from Maryland. (Your Grandma Betty and Great Aunt Ruth/my Mom were sisters.) This blog is an awesome way to keep up with your progress and from the looks of it, you’re progress has been steady and fabulous! Although, it seems I’ve picked a heck of time to join in — (thanks for sharing, Diane!) — hey, whatever moves the spirit! 😀 And, BTW, that IS terrific news! It is so wonderful to see the tremendous support system you have behind & beside you, Aaron. I heard a quote today that really struck me and I wanted to share it with you: “A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.” I can see that you definitely are “making the turn.” Keep that positive attitude & determination, and your “can do” spirit will carry you far (quite literally)! You and your family continue to be in our daily prayers! God Bless!! Mary

  • Dayna Heffner

    YAY!! This is great news!! As soon as you are up for some rowdy visitors, we will round up Nat and Bill and make a road trip to visit!!

  • Sandy Marts

    Aaron, when they said you were getting movement back, they didn’t specify what kind of “movement” – movements are goooood!!!Only people who love you would talk about this body function with such excitement- cause it great news, although when you are 100% you probably won’t want you mom telling everybody about it.
    Love ya Sandyin Massachusetts

  • ShanTotheJan

    Aar, can’t wait for you to have poop stories to exchange with me. Who knew the fudge factory was so important. I also noticed you have quite a stache going on. We just talked about how much you hate them but no need to worry yours is too thick to be a porn stache. Perhaps we can have Jaime trim it up to make it nice and skinny. We miss you and hope that your bowels are just the beginning of great things to happen to you.

    Love your BFF for ever and ever,

  • Linda Nichols

    Hey Aaron Sounds like good news. We all have been praying for you. You are in our thoughts constently. Lexi (Liz’s daughter) wants to know when you are breaking out of that joint. Thats what she keeps asking us. Keep up the good work. Love your favorite lunch lady who always loved your cologne. God bless Linda and family.

  • Barb Wood

    Praise God!

    Thanks, Diane, for that exciting news!

    Hey, Aaron…not a day goes by, work, home, church, grocery store, wherever, people come up to me & say “How’s Aaron? Let him know we’re praying for him.”

    The below e-mail is from missionary couple in Brazil…
    “Thank you for the email. We are keeping Aaron and his family in our prayers. We will pray that movement will come back. Please let them know that they and Aaron are in our prayers and we are thinking of them in this tough time.
    In His love,
    Mike and Natinha”

    From God’s Word…
    Psalm 61:1-4 NAS
    “Hear my cry, O God; give heed to my prayer. From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For You have been a refuge for me, a tower of strength against the enemy. Let me dwell in Your tent forever; let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings.”

    Philippians 4:7 NIV
    “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    WOW!…and the congregation said “Amen!”

    In Christ’s love,

  • Jaime Bennett

    Haha I know YOU know that but I didn’t know that til yesterday that’s why I wrote it for everyone else.. I’m gonna kick ur butt!! Not bragging, just saving people all the research I did yesterday!!

  • DIANEMP356 Post author

    I knew that, Jaime. I just didn’t want to brag about my extensive bowel and spinal cord injury knowledge! Love ya!

  • Jaime Bennett

    Diane you crack me up!! Ok the reason the bowel sensation is so significant is becaus the sacrum represents the bottom of the spinal cord!!! Which means nerves from the brain ARE passing through the whole spine : ) Geeeeet it Aaron!!!!!

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