Trip Across Town

Hello fellow Aaron supporters. 🙂
It was a full day at Magee today. Aaron had his 1 month follow up visit with the doctor who performed surgery on his neck the day of his accident. That was in Atlantic City; amazingly the doc’s office is less than a mile from Magee. Aaron made the trip via ambulance with Jaime (somebody pulled some strings for her!). The doctor said his neck seems to be healing fine so Aaron won’t need any additional surgery at this point. Aaron was hoping he would be able to “lose” his cervical collar today, but it just wasn’t meant to be; the doctor wants him to wear it for another month.
Please continue to pray for Aaron as he has developed another fever. The Magee staff are in the process of doing various tests to find the cause; we’ll know more in a couple of days. Aaron is very tired from his therapy, traveling today, and his fever. Hope to have him back making his own posts soon.

26 thoughts on “Trip Across Town

  • Karen Hicks

    Good morning! Just wondering how that fever is doing? I hope by now, it is gone. I pray you have a good day today.

  • Pete and Diane

    Hey Aaron, Our thoughts of you and our prayers for you never cease. We love you; hang in, there will be better days ahead. Aunt Diane and Uncle Pete

  • Cousin Joyce

    Aaron, I continue to pray for your complete recovery. Fight that fever and stay at Magee. Went to the past 2 Penn State games and keep looking to see if maybe Adam Talifarro would be there, but haven’t seen him. Keep working hard.


  • Terry

    A-Ron – Fight the fever and keep working hard. And, keep kickin’ Bill’s a$$ in Fantasy Football! Hope to see you soon. Terry

  • Aunt Missy

    Hi Aaron, Just checking you out again today online and wanted to say hi. Meant to tell you, you look pretty cool in your sunglasses in the rooftop photos. Still thinking & praying for you daily. Keep plugging away. You’re doing great & your body is doing amazing things that you don’t even know about yet. Hopefully I’ll see you again on Sat. Love you.

  • Patti B. (pats)

    I’m one of your Mom’s friends from high school. I have been following your progress since day 1. I am so sorry you are going through all of this, but so happy that you have so many friends in your life who are praying for you and showing you so much love. Its obvious it is working because you are making so much progress. I heard about the recent fever and I’m hoping and praying that your temperature goes down quickly. P.S. I used to work at the Camp Hill Williams-Sonoma with your cousin, Bill, and I am afraid to ask what is “more cowbell”?!?!?

  • Amy Mac

    Hey there Aaron although it took me a bit to get on here you need to know you are in my prayers constantly and you so are on everyones prayers list!! Just in case you had no idea 🙂 These fevers are just like the set backs of life and you my man wil pull thru like a champ!!! My favorite thing about the pictures you are sharing… that SMILE has not disappeared!!!That will make ALL the difference!!

  • ShanTotheJan

    Did my mom say she hacked into someones Internet? She’s going all high tech just to track our favorite guys progress. Tell the drs your just naturally a hotty. I wonder what they would say. I know this is really going to make you miss us to know that mom, Micah and I entered ourselves into the Crump smoothy contest. Our team is called licensed to chill. Pretty cool name I came up with huh? Wish your taste buds were going to be with us to help us win. Love you homie. Stay strong.

  • Nancy Noll

    Hi Aaron, Just a little note to let you know that we’re praying -,- for you. Keep up the good work of getting better. Alexis’ Aunt Nancy

  • Eileen

    Hey Aaron , what’s up with this fever crap? Glad to hear you had good news, no more surgery on the neck. One less thing to worry about, even if you have to wear the brace another month. Take care, thinking about you all the time.

  • Carol Souder

    Hi Aaron. I’m sitting on the beach at Garden City (close to Myrtle Beach) hacking in on someone elses internet signal to check on you. Sorry to hear you have a fever and hope it passes quickly. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Hang in there and keep the faith!


  • Pappaw and Mammaw Wood

    Hi Aaron,
    Hope that fever has gone the way of all fevers–down. I was at a meeting last week and heard a few pithy (no I said pithy) comments. “Savor the moment. I have you and your family under control (God says). “Make the pain work for you, Don’t waste the pain”. “The Father brought you safe this far and He won’t forget whose child you are”. The Father loves you more than you can ever imagine! (That’s my pithy comment).

  • Dad

    Hey Aaron,

    Sitting here at work thinking of nothing but you. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. Keep fighting!

    I love you so much!

  • Charlotte Fleisher

    Amy said you told Greg to quit smoking. Thanks a bunch! I’ve been telling hime that forever but of course he doesn’t listen to his mother. You get rid of that fever so your rehab can keep going in the right direction. You have alot of people on your side and one very special someone “GOD”. He will not let you down as long as you don’t let him down.

    Love ya
    Charlotte (Greg’s Mom)

  • Chuck

    Ok, I’m hoping no hanky-panky was goin’ down in the ride to the Docs’ office. Good therapy though. Jaime, good job standing by your’ man….
    Now, I see Bill here is gettin’ a whoopin’ as regards the football. If I ever get around to exploring my creativity(which is SCREAMIN’ to get out), It will nessessitate my leaving my position @ The Resort that I serve as maint. lead. Now what does that have to do with Bill,Aaron,the price of tea in China,and football you may ask?–WELL, it is like this: My present position has negated my ability to watch, anylize, and truly understand the players and chemistry that makes up the NFL because I find myself at my busiest over the weekend.(Sat-Sun.) IF/When I am no longer doing THAT, I have every intention of challenging the BOTH of you… This was a true passion for me until 6-7 years ago. Stand ready Aaron (and Bill).
    Yet another Indian Summer day out this way today. A sure sign that it should up and blizzard in a few weeks.(If you think I’m kidding,it did that last year a week or two before Hallowween–Of course growing up in the Alaskan Interior, I cannot remember trick or treating without a LEAST a foot or 4 of snow on the ground)
    Guess I’ve babbled enough Aaron, I hope the fever is all about the flu that seems to be going around(My Mom in AK.,Myself and several co-workers here in Montana,Etc.) Your’ Docs will make short work of THAT….
    Montana/Alaska Charles III

  • Amy

    ahhhh aaron you will pull threw i know u will. knock that fever out. thanks for telling greg to quit smoking i think he will . jamie keep up the good ya both

    love amy

  • Number 1

    Hey, We’re pouring sidewalks on Grubb St. Butch needs someone to fill the bucket with water, wants to know when you’ll be ready?
    Steelers/Chiefs Nov. 22 @ Arrow Head, whadda yuh think?

  • Karen Hicks

    Good morning Aaron,

    Sorry to hear about that darn fever again, I’m sure the doctors will get to the bottom of it. Keep fighting the fight, bud. I am glad to see that same little rivaly between you and Bill, I remember many years ago when I met you both and you were so much like brothers. You reminded me so much of Joey and Brian. It gave me some laughs, when I wanted to pull my hair out over them. I’m sure you are very happy that Bill is not pleased. Stay strong Bud. Love you!

  • kaybee

    Checking on you regularly, kid…hang in there. Sorry about those Chiefs though, I never understood how you became a Chiefs fan in the 1st place!? Got Larry Johnson on my fantasy squad he did nothing!

  • Bill


    Tell the doctors that the only cure for your fever is more cowbell. Counting down the days until I can be there. I love you. Stay strong.


    PS…you are crushing me in fantasy this week and I’m not pleased.

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