I’m Beginning to Think It’s Personal

Yes, that’s right.  I’m referring to the wheelchair again.  Once more I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or at least all of my toes on my left foot were.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Aaron had a good day.  Aunt Deb and I visited with him for several hours before he had PT this afternoon.  The therapist worked his legs and went over some educational material with him.  Shortly after that Jaime and Tory came.  Due to the flu “epidemic”, only two visitors can be in a patient’s room at a time and nobody under 16 is allowed in at all.  So, Deb and I took Tory across the street to our favorite restaurant (NOT!), Rex’s,  and hung out there for awhile while Jaime visited with Aaron.  Then, when we wore out our welcome at Rex’s, we returned to Magee and Jaime brought Aaron down to the first floor lobby, where Tory was allowed to visit with him.  We all just sat around and chatted and Aaron and Jaime shared a pizza.  Tory sat on Aaron’s wheelchair with him and Aaron loved it. 

tory on erns lap 3


(Sorry about the picture quality.  It was sort of dark in the lobby and I only had my cell phone. )

We were downstairs in the lobby so long, they actually paged Aaron to return to the 5th floor.  They thought he escaped, I guess.  Actually, it was just time for his meds. 

When we left tonight, Aaron was still of the ventilator.  He was going for a record of 16 hours off  today.  Not sure if he made it or not, but my bet is that he did.  

Please pray for Aaron’s recovery and specifically for his peace of mind.  I know he’s thinking alot about the upcoming move from Magee and his future in general.   Thank you!!

7 thoughts on “I’m Beginning to Think It’s Personal

  • Natalie

    Aaron you look terrific as does the little lady on your lap. Sorry we didn’t get to see you in Philly but looking forward to visiting in Harrisburg. Keep up the hard work as we continue to pray for your full recovery. Hugs and Kisses

    Bill and Nat

  • Kansas Snyders

    What a great picture! Aaron you are looking great! Keep up the good fight! We are in your corner! Much Love and Prayers!
    The Kansas Snyders
    Jim, Susan, Kayla, Lauren, and Regan

  • Mammaw and Pappaw Wood

    Hi Aaron, I love the picture of you and Tory. Please don’t endanger your Mom. (Just kidding). We’re all on your side. When I think of all of the people all over the state and country who are doing just what I am doing right now or this morning, it gives me goose bumps. That is, thinking and praying for you and loving you to pieces. Keep up the good work. I’ll pray extra hard for a good trip for you on Friday. Love you a bunch!!!

  • Meam's 8th Graders

    Aaron, the kids just received their t-shirts and they love them. Our Principal is allowing them to wear them for gym class on Tuesdays but needless to say they put them on over their uniforms first thing this morning. They are great supporters of Aaron’s Journey and remember you every day in their morning prayers. You have really made an impression on these 11 individuals. Take care. Love, Meam

  • Sue and Carl

    Great picture! I agree with Jaime…. Diane, you could be the next Erma Bombeck, remember her?
    Sorry we couldn’t see you this weekend, Aaron. Hope to see you soon.
    We love you!

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