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I’m Beginning to Think It’s Personal

Yes, that’s right.  I’m referring to the wheelchair again.  Once more I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or at least all of my toes on my left foot were.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Aaron had a good day.  Aunt Deb and I visited with him for several hours before he had PT this afternoon.  The therapist worked his legs and went over some educational material with him.  Shortly after that Jaime and Tory came.  Due to the flu “epidemic”, only two visitors can be in a patient’s room at a time and nobody under 16 is allowed in at all.  So, Deb and I took Tory across the street to our favorite restaurant (NOT!), Rex’s,  and hung out there for awhile while Jaime visited with Aaron.  Then, when we wore out our welcome at Rex’s, we returned to Magee and Jaime brought Aaron down to the first floor lobby, where Tory was allowed to visit with him.  We all just sat around and chatted and Aaron and Jaime shared a pizza.  Tory sat on Aaron’s wheelchair with him and Aaron loved it. 

tory on erns lap 3


(Sorry about the picture quality.  It was sort of dark in the lobby and I only had my cell phone. )

We were downstairs in the lobby so long, they actually paged Aaron to return to the 5th floor.  They thought he escaped, I guess.  Actually, it was just time for his meds. 

When we left tonight, Aaron was still of the ventilator.  He was going for a record of 16 hours off  today.  Not sure if he made it or not, but my bet is that he did.  

Please pray for Aaron’s recovery and specifically for his peace of mind.  I know he’s thinking alot about the upcoming move from Magee and his future in general.   Thank you!!

Thanksgiving Day Fundraiser

On November 26th, Thanksgiving Day, The Brownstone Cafe in Middletown, PA has generously offered to host a fundraising dinner for Aaron. All proceeds will go to “Aaron’s Journey.” This dinner is “buffet style” and will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The menu will include the following items: turkey, baked ham, mash potatoes, filling, sweet potatoes, veggies, salad, beverage and desserts.

I googled this restaurant and was pleased to discover that it universally receives high reviews. “Excellent”, “Awesome”, and “Fabulous” were some of the words that patrons used to start their reviews. The owner, Keith Matinchek, has been in the food industry since the early 70’s. Ever since he can remember, Keith wanted to own his own restaurant. On January 10, 1998 that dream came true when he bought the empty brownstone building which had formerly been a bank and opened the doors a few months later as The Brownstone Cafe.

The Brownstone Cafe is not normally open on Thanksgiving, but they are going to operate as if it is a normal day. Therefore, reservations for five or more are suggested. Call ahead seating is also available for parties of less than five.
Make your reservations by calling 717-944-3301. Tickets may be purchased ahead of time or at the door on Thanksgiving Day.

Time: The doors will open at 11:00 a.m. and they will seat up until 5:00 p.m.
Price: $12.00/ adult, $8.00/ child
Address: 1 N. Union St., Middletown, PA 17057

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Countdown to departure

It is official. Aaron will be leaving Magee for Select Specialty Hospital in Harrisburg on Friday, 11/6. All of us anxiously anticipate this next step in Aaron’s recovery.
On Saturday it was a full house at Magee as Gina, her sister Missy and I hung out with Aaron and watched college football with him. Aaron also got visits from Dale & Bonnie as well as Terry & Candy throughout the day. Although he wasn’t feeling that well in the morning Aaron seemed to perk up as the day progressed.
No therapy or wheelchair mishaps to report today.
PLEASE NOTE: I talked to Aaron’s mom who is visiting today and she said that Magee instituted a policy change today concerning visitors due to the flu fear that is gripping the country. Only two adult visitors are permitted at a time and no visitors under 16. There will be a similar visitor policy at Select as well. There it will be 2-3 visitors at a time and anyone who has not received the flu shot will be required to wear a mask.