16 Hours Off the Vent Yesterday

Made one young man EXTREMELY tired today.   Aaron was off the vent all day again today, and was on the trach collar, but spent no time today breathing just “room air”.  He just didn’t have it in him today.  And that’s fine, his body was telling him it needed a rest, so that’s what Aaron did.  He didn’t sleep through any of his therapy sessions but every time we went back to his room to wait for the next session or to eat lunch, he fell asleep.  He’d wake up long enough to eat, then back to sleep he went.  The respiratory therapist said she was going to cut back his time off the vent from 16 hours to 14 hours today to see how he feels tomorrow.  She thought maybe 16 hours was just a little too much too soon.  We’ll see!  Whatever the time is, 14 or 16 hours, Aaron is kickin’ butt!   Go Aaron, Go Aaron, It’s Your Birthday, It’s Your Birthday!  Sorry for that outburst; sometimes I just lose my sanity sitting here at this computer trying to write an update at the end of a very long day!

Friday (Aaron’s discharge day from Magee) is right around the corner.  I am sure Aaron (and his entire family) will have mixed feelings on Friday.  I, personally, will be excited for him to start a new stretch of his journey, but at the same time, will be sad to say good-bye to the people at Magee.  But good-bye it is.  Time to get serious about losing that ventilator.  Here we come Harrisburg!!! 

Aaron will be going “out on the town”  Thursday morning.  As far as I know, I will be joining him.  We’ll be going to Love Park and then to Starbucks, as Aaron’s dad indicated in his last blog.  This could be difficult for Aaron as this is the first time out among “strangers” since his accident.   Please pray that it goes smoothly for him and that the people he encounters are kind and considerate of his condition.    I’ll update the blog to let you know how this goes!  

Thanks, everybody, for reading this blog and for keeping Aaron in your thoughts and prayers!

10 thoughts on “16 Hours Off the Vent Yesterday

  • Alexis Matinchek

    Aaron, your life touches and u amaze me everyday. id do anything to help you continue to be the strongest n most amazing individual ive known. You boys..guess (not boys any longer) are wonderful people have my attention, love, and anything you need..youd do that for me 🙂 God bless you. if you need a second or a new face let me know ill come visit. Love, alexis(lex)matinchek

  • Fran Leonhard

    Wow Aaron – I haven’t read your blog in a few days and when I did today – you are doing good. It will be a big day tomorrow as you are “out on the town” and even bigger day Friday when you leave Magee. I wish you and your family the best as you take this next step. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best.

  • Shelley

    Aaron and fam,

    Good luck with the outing tomorrow, and with the move on Friday… I’ll be thinking of you!

    I think the LOVE park is the perfect place to visit…and who doesn’t love Starbucks? If anyone is unkind or inconsiderate, I think you will have thousands of your supporters ready to beat them up on your behalf 🙂

    <3 Shelley

  • Molly Ferster

    Glad to hear you are doing well and coming home soon. I know that having you close to home will be great for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers each day.

  • Karen Hicks

    Good morning Bud!

    I pray that you have a wonderful outing on Thursday morning. I pray that you all have a good time outside of Magee’s walls. I pray for you to have peace and patience as you and your mom tackle all the obstacles that could be out there. I have faith that God will put all the right people in your path as you venture out.(and I know that if the wrong people cross your path, Mama Bear will handle all of that!)lol I also hope that all goes well with your transition from Magee. Keep plugging away bud, you have accomplished so much. You are our in our thoughts and prayers!! love ya!

  • Amy Meyer

    Aaron you are doing so great I am soooooo proud of you and all you have accomplished in this short time that you have been at magee.. I hope that it all continues in harrisburg. your family is great and so is jamie you all keep up the great work .


  • jude (Nana)

    And thank you Diane, Woody & Jamie, for your faithfulness in keeping us updated. I know you are all very weary at the end of the day but we do appreciate so much your efforts. And to our Aaron, keep up the good work. We’re proud of all your accomplishments so far & have no doubt you will reach your goals as you set & work towards them. Just remember, God is with you giving you confidence & His strength which will carry you through & across the “goal line.” GO AARON!! Love ya lots, Nana & Rye

  • kaybee

    You all do a great job with these updates!
    Aaron, nice work brother. Glad to hear you’re coming home. I’m working a lot of hours, but I hope to see you sometime soon.

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