Daily Archives: November 3, 2009

16 Hours Off the Vent Yesterday

Made one young man EXTREMELY tired today.   Aaron was off the vent all day again today, and was on the trach collar, but spent no time today breathing just “room air”.  He just didn’t have it in him today.  And that’s fine, his body was telling him it needed a rest, so that’s what Aaron did.  He didn’t sleep through any of his therapy sessions but every time we went back to his room to wait for the next session or to eat lunch, he fell asleep.  He’d wake up long enough to eat, then back to sleep he went.  The respiratory therapist said she was going to cut back his time off the vent from 16 hours to 14 hours today to see how he feels tomorrow.  She thought maybe 16 hours was just a little too much too soon.  We’ll see!  Whatever the time is, 14 or 16 hours, Aaron is kickin’ butt!   Go Aaron, Go Aaron, It’s Your Birthday, It’s Your Birthday!  Sorry for that outburst; sometimes I just lose my sanity sitting here at this computer trying to write an update at the end of a very long day!

Friday (Aaron’s discharge day from Magee) is right around the corner.  I am sure Aaron (and his entire family) will have mixed feelings on Friday.  I, personally, will be excited for him to start a new stretch of his journey, but at the same time, will be sad to say good-bye to the people at Magee.  But good-bye it is.  Time to get serious about losing that ventilator.  Here we come Harrisburg!!! 

Aaron will be going “out on the town”  Thursday morning.  As far as I know, I will be joining him.  We’ll be going to Love Park and then to Starbucks, as Aaron’s dad indicated in his last blog.  This could be difficult for Aaron as this is the first time out among “strangers” since his accident.   Please pray that it goes smoothly for him and that the people he encounters are kind and considerate of his condition.    I’ll update the blog to let you know how this goes!  

Thanks, everybody, for reading this blog and for keeping Aaron in your thoughts and prayers!

This & That

It was another good, uneventful day today. Jaime, Gina, & I spent the day with Aaron and as always enjoyed talking & laughing together. We spend a lot of time talking about the future which I find encouraging. When I think back to the early days when you weren’t sure what you were going to walk in on when you arrived….uneventful is outstanding!

Aaron continues, for the most part, to spend every waking hour off of the vent, and some of that time off of supplied oxygen as well. Everyone at Magee continues to comment on his progress. Aaron is ready for home cooking. Many of you have offered to prepare meals for us and because of the uncertainty of our schedule we have been unable to take advantage of your kindness/cooking. Once Aaron is back home for good we plan on doing so. So start looking up your favorite recipes.

We said goodbye to 2 fellow Magee patients this past week as they have moved on to the next step in their recovery. Please keep Conner & Ted in your prayers. They were both an encouragement to Aaron during their time here.

We were told today that Aaron will have an “outing” before he leaves on Friday. He will have an opportunity to go out on the town to a location of his choice. It sounds like he is leaning towards a visit to Starbucks & maybe Love Park. We wish we could be there but it sounds like it may happen on Tuesday or Thursday so we will have to count on Diane to paint us a verbal picture of the event.

Aaron’s fantasy football team is back on the winning track after suffering their first defeat last week.


Keep praying for strength, courage, healing, & wisdom as the Journey continues.