Sunday at Select

When I got to Aaron’s room on Sunday, I discovered the respiratory therapist had capped Aaron’s trach.  Totally capped.  No air going in, no air coming out.  He was breathing TOTALLY on his own, through his mouth and nose, just like you and I do.   And he did it with no problems.  When I left yesterday, it was still capped.  I am SURE he will be tired today.   Great job, Aaron, keep it up!

Other than visitors yesterday, there wasn’t much activity for Aaron.  This will be hard for him to adjust to, as there was always something going on at Magee.  I think Aaron will be watching a lot more TV at Select!  

Not much more to report at this time.  Of course, it was his first weekend at Select, and not much goes on over the weekends.  I am anxious to see what today (and the rest of the week) brings for him.  We will keep you updated on Aaron’s progress!  

Just a thought about visiting…..Most of Aaron’s visitors (understandably) show up on the weekend or if during the week, in the evening hours.  While  visitors are welcome at any time, a visit on a week day (during the day) would really help break up the monotony for Aaron.  I know that this is not possible for everybody, but if it is a possibility, please think about it.     Thanks!

Please continue to pray for Aaron and specifically for continued success tackling the ventilator!  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Sunday at Select

  • Candy

    Aaron – Welcome…almost home! You have come a long way baby! I only work a few blocks down the street so I plan on pestering you once in awhile over my lunch break…just enough to make myself a nuisance. 🙂 Love you! Candy

  • Amy Meyer

    Good job Aaron,keep up the good work .good job on the move hopfully they will have other things for you to do to keep up ur muscle strengh.


  • Lex

    Way to go buddy!!! I’ll be up to see you soon and of course I’ll be harassing you constantly when you’re home. 🙂 Love yOu!!! <3

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