A Tale of Two Days

Ever have one of those days that was two completely different days wrapped up into one? That was Aaron’s day on Monday.
When Gina & I arrived around 9:00 A.M. Aaron was in bed and having trouble catching a good breath. This continued through mid afternoon. During that time the staff gave Aaron chest therapy, breathing treatments, and even put him back on the vent for an hour or two to help him get back in the rhythm. As Diane eluded to yesterday Aaron was off of everything yesterday from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. breathing completely on his own. NO vent, NO treach collar, NO O2. While this was a huge accomplishment it did knock Aaron down for a while and he needed a day of rest to recover…..or so we thought.

The original plan was that I would leave around 3:30 and put a few hours in at work and return at 8:00 to watch the first half of the Steeler’s game with Aaron. Gina would stay with Aaron until he had his evening meal and then head home. When I called Gina at 7:30 to say that I was on my way up for the game she was still there. Aaron had perked up and Gina was enjoying her visit so much that she didn’t want to leave. We ended up staying until the Steeler’s had things well in hand late in the 4th quarter around 11:00.
Just as we were leaving the Res. Therapist came in and said that Aaron’s numbers looked good & so did he and that he would like to see how Aaron handled being off of the vent over night. That got his attention as he has been wanting to try it for some time but was not allowed to this point. We will be anxious to talk to Diane today and see how that went.
We also were told by the head of nursing that when they knew Aaron was coming for sure she reserved Rm. 400 for him (it is the only room that doesn’t face a brick wall. Instead it has a beautiful view of Harrisburg facing Front Street & the river). Aaron has received outstanding care at every stop along the way but the folks here at Select seem to have an extra measure of compassion.

Pray for Aaron’s continued progress and healing, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Days

  • number 1

    Hey bud, glad to see you’re back in the area. Looking forward to getting up to see you, it’s been way too long. Bo says hey, too!!

  • karen hicks

    Praise God for that nurse and for giving you that room. Everyone knows how special you are. God is putting all the right people in front of you.

  • Mandie

    Hey there Foreman! I’ve been thinking about you…your just a hop skip away from me 🙂 We’ll be stopping in to see you soon!

  • Mammaw and Pappaw Wood

    Dear Aaron, Pappaw and I think about you all the time. So glad you are doing well at your new location. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I love to check on you on your blog each day. Everyone–your Mom, Dad, Gina, Jaime–are all doing a great job keeping us up to date. Thanks to them for that great job. And to you for your great job. Love you a bunch.

  • Terry Gilman

    So glad you are adjusting to your new digs, A-Ron. Keep up the good work, Candy and I will stop by soon to see you.

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