Sleepy Day

Aaron was off the vent for a total of 30 hours at one shot!  While this is an awesome achievement, it was decided it was probably a little too much, a little too soon.  Aaron was so tired today, he didn’t even make it out of bed.  That’s not like him; I can’t remember the last day he spent in bed.  It had to be when he had pneumonia in Hahnemann Hospital in Phila.  anyway, it was very obvious he was totally zonked from his time off the vent.  He slept like a bear today;  through a visit from Candy, through lunch, through a very funny Beverly Hillbillies rerun (OK, maybe it was only me who thought it was funny), both sessions of physical therapy (which was perfectly OK with the therapists) and so on and so on.  Shortly after he woke up, an old friend, April ,stopped by to visit.  She was only there a short while when a technician came in to the room to give him an ultrasound.  During the preparation, Aaron had some difficulty breathing, so the procedure was delayed while the breathing issue was being “addressed”.  April had to leave the room and waited patiently to return to visit with Aaron.  Unfortunately, the difficulty breathing and the procedure he had was too much for him and he wasn’t up to visiting with April.  

There were nurses and therapists in and out of Aaron’s room all afternoon today.  It was just one of those days.  Finally, later in the day, he started to settle down a little bit and he had another visitor, Haley.  Aaron was able to stay awake and visit a little while, he was also able to eat his meal.   After Haley left, Aaron and I watched Wheel of Fortune (does the excitement ever end?) and not long after that, Jaime came.   I left Aaron in Jaime’s capable hands.

It was a very frustrating day for Aaron.  His was pretty down.  Please pray for him; for his state of mind……please pray that he can keep a positive attitude in this very difficult time.  Thank you so much.

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Day

  • Mom

    Well, April, no need to apologize, because if you two had a laugh at my expense, I missed it! And I don’t even care what it was about, as long as my son enjoyed it! Laughter (even at my expense) is the best medicine!

  • April

    Even though I wasn’t able to visit with you very long on Tuesday we did share a few laughs.. even one at Diane’s expense! Sorry Diane 🙂 I look forward to coming back for another visit when things settle down a bit. Take care Aaron.. we’re all pulling for you!!

  • Mammaw and Pappaw Wood

    Hi Aaron, It was so great to visit with you. I am so happy to see that you maintain your sense of humor–how you do it is beyond me. I must remember that God is there with you and He is keeping you in His loving arms. We love you and hope we did not make you too tired. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Mammaw and Pappaw

  • Shelley

    Keep your head up, cuz! Think about all the amazing people in your life — your gorgeous fiance, loving family, crazy friends, and of course all of your faithful blog readers. We all love you!

  • Chuck

    Morning Aaron,
    I have been away from the site here for a few days and found my interest garnered in a profou ndingly intense fashion by the past several postings by your’ parents. Quite the roller coaster ride for you it sounds like. I suspect(and hope) that you are are feeling the affects of growth.(sorta like free weight training regimens) Still, I feel that overall real progress has been made and I hope you see the positive growth most of us do. On the tired days, I think mabey your’ body is just rebuilding from the serious exercise of the previous day, and that you have the day after that to look forward to and SEE the increased strength from a day of tired healing/growth….
    Just a (LONG ago) weight trainers’ opinion and observation, that is rootin’ for your’ ultimate victory,
    Alaska/Montana Chuck
    P.s.–Hello Jamie,Diane,Woody,Gina,and last but not least Alexis(aka Lexie)

  • karen hicks

    Good morning Bud! I’m sorry you are going through all of this. Wish I could take it all away. Hope you have a good day today, better than yesterday. Remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Dad


    We are so proud of your effort & determination. Right now every day with an accomplishment is followed by a day of what seem to be set backs. It is just your body recovering for the next challange. Stay strong & trust God for your stregnth.
    We are enjoying the time that we are getting to spend with Tory knowing that it allows Jaime to spend time with you. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow.


    Dad & Gina

  • Janine

    Hey Aaron hang in there we all think and talk about you everyday, you are in our prayers constantly and we miss you like crazy!! Dan is coming in from ny for a couple days so we will definitely be visiting if youre up for it 🙂

  • Roger(rye)

    Hey buddy keep up that positve attitude. Remember don’t give up don’t ever give up. We are all praying for you. We plan to visit you real soon. “BET YOU CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY BELLY.” If anyone has questions about that comment ask Aaron.

    Take Care
    Rye & Nana & Tigger too

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