Pneumonia # 2

Well, we thought Aaron was so tired from spending 30 hours off the ventilator; that may have been part of the reason for his tiredness, but I don’t believe it was the total reason.  After a chest Xray today, we found out Aaron has pneumonia again.  Obviously, this isn’t the best news we’ve had, BUT there are many things to be thankful for.  As I told Aaron, this bout of pneumonia is being addressed and medicated so much earlier than the last time he had it.  He had a very high fever last time;  this time he doesn’t (as least so far).  He doesn’t feel poorly like he did the last time, he’s just really tired.  As long as he can be treated successfully at Select, he won’t have to be transported to the hospital, like he did the last time, when he ended up having to go to Hahnemann.  Yep, many things to be grateful for.  So that’s what we are going to focus on;  the positives, not the negatives. 

Aaron had many visitors today and he didn’t sleep through one of their visits!  Jaime was the first visitor, then her mom showed up (which was really a great surprise to Aaron as she lives near Philadelphia and her visit was not in the least expected – thanks, Sue!), then I showed up and the party started.  (No, not really, but it sounded good.)   Later in the day Aunt Den came,  Jaime left for the day and then the Wood family arrived (Mammaw, Pappaw, Aunt Diane, Uncle Pete and Aunt Barb).  Aunt Den and I skipped out of Select for a little while so Aaron could visit with his family.   When I returned to Select alone (Aunt Den went home), I was parking my car and saw Terry and Candy in the parking lot.  When the three of us  got to Aaron’s room, the Woods were preparing to leave, so Terry, Candy and I  visitied with Aaron for a while.  So, as you can see, there were visitors pretty much all day for Aaron…..and even with pneumonia, he handled the revolving door to his room very well and was happy to see everybody.  

We will keep you up to date on Aaron’s run-in with pneumonia.  Hopefully he can kick it without too much difficulty.  Please pray for his strength and recovery.  Thank you so much!

4 thoughts on “Pneumonia # 2

  • Karen Hicks

    Jaime and Aaron,

    I believe that with so much love between you two, your family and friends , that you all are going to be blessed in a big way. This road is not easy, it is tough, but it has helped to bring out your strengths and committment to each other. After all of this, anything you two encounter along the way will be a piece of cake and you will have each other to lean on. Aaron, I am so happy that you found Jaime, and Jaime, I am so thankful for you. I know that you have made Aaron very happy and without you, this road may be too tough for him. Jaime and Aaron, thank you for letting us share this tough road with you. You two will never go this alone. Love you both.

  • Jaime Bennett

    Well babe, I’m working the night shift..the case you dropped me off at my first time working here. You told me I’d do great and I texted you the whole time because this little one is pretty sick and made me nervous. It’s crazy because it’s a piece of cake after everything you’ve been through. This whole thing just stinks soo bad but I tell ya what, it’s making our strength untouchable. You, me, your family, my family, your friends, my friends…there’s just so many people you REALLY have touched it’s insane. You are so loved by so many and with all these prayers..who knows what’s in store for tmrw! I love you!!

  • Kevin Braasch

    I actually haven’t had the opportunity to post a comment on Aaron’s blog, but I figured now’s a better time than never. I don’t know Aaron that well, but remember him from back in high school. I wanted to express my hope and prayers during Aaron’s recovery. I work down at the Journal, and have been hearing the updates from a few different people in town. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for you Aaron! My prayers and support are with you and your family as you allow God to heal what hurts and work his power in the ability to overcome your injury. God bless!

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