Aaron’s Life Continues to Change

I had hoped Aaron might let his “faithful readers” know this, but he hasn’t.  Aaron, I hope you don’t mind me giving this information, but I feel it’s become necessary in that people are still making reference (understandably) to Jaime and Tory.   Aaron and Jaime are no longer together.   Some of you may have figured this out due to pictures of Jaime being removed from those that appear across the top of the blog page. 

So now Aaron is moving on (and doing very well at that, I might add).  He can now focus harder on “rehabbing” and gettting stronger.  All things happen for a reason….and it’s not for us to understand!   Enough said.

7 thoughts on “Aaron’s Life Continues to Change

  • Meam

    Addendum to my last message–I meant to say take care my Friend! I need to edit my writing. Love, Meam

  • Meam

    Aaron, I am impressed!!! I haven’t been able to check out the blog for a few days and I can’t get over the progress you are making at Kennedy. Yes, we still think of you everyday and every Gym day (tuesdays) I chuckle to myself when I see my kids wearing their Aaron’s Journey Tshirts. You are always on their minds and in their hearts. Take my friend, you are truly blessed. Love, Meam PS can you believe how fast the school year is flying by-before you know it another class will be graduating. I think they are counting down the days!!!!

  • Chuck

    AGAIN, What Karen(Hicks) said. (Whom is that gal,anyways ?) I have battled entering this convo for a bit now, and had it not been for Karen’s(Hicks) comment I would not have. But,she IS right you know. Time,effort,and opportunity will tell the tale. I hope all reading this are, and, doing well. (always DO if and when you can..)
    Montana/Alaska Charles III

  • Karen Hicks

    God brings people into our life for a reason, Jaime and Tory and her family were there for a reason. God knows what that reason was and as time passes, you will look back and know the reason also. As you move forward Aaron there will be other people being brought into your life for all different reasons. When I went thru my divorce, he knew just the right people to put there at just the right time. I look back at it all, it was like a puzzle with all the right pieces. God has big plans for you Bud, I am sitting back and watching it all happen. You have come so far and are still keeping up the fight. Love you and feel so blessed to know you!!! You are special!!

  • Carl & Sue

    We check out your website every day and continue to pray for your recovery! Your progress the last couple of weeks has been amazing! You will always have a special place in our hearts and we hope to see you in the future! We don’t live that far away!!

  • Jaime Bennett

    Oh Aaron and the family, I love you all so much and still pray for your recovery each and everyday. I thank you Aaron for the kind message. Aaron, you’re an amazing and determined person, and I apologize for the way things are and that things couldn’t be different! I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt. All his support and family are an amazing group of people! Through all the hard times, we managed to make them fun some way or another! I miss everyone more than you’ll ever know!! Thank you for accepting Tory and I for as long as you did. I AM still the number one fan! Always!

    Jaime and Tory

  • Aaron

    Just wanted to add…

    Jaime and Tory will be missed and I wish them all the best! Jaime, I can never thank you enough for what you did for my family and I during my first stages of recovery. I am forever greatful. Same goes for your family, especially Carl and Sue, who were beyond awesome to me. I love you guys and will never forget what all you did! You will missed as well.



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