It Just Keeps Getting Better

Yesterday and today Aaron had physical therapy at Hershey Med. Ctr.  Gina took him yesterday, I took him today.   He was in the stander yesterday, had a little bit of difficulty keeping his blood pressure up; but overall it was a good session.  He did discover yesterday that when he has a really strong muscle spasm, one that makes his hands stand up, he is able to move his index finger…..on both hands!    Awesome stuff!  (Today, during a spasm, he was able to move his middle finger on one of his hands as well.  Only saw that once, so we’ll keep looking for that!!)

Today at physical therapy Aaron didn’t get to stand up in the stander;  but that’s OK, because he experienced something very exciting and encouraging….he was lying on his back on a mat and the therapist was having him try to move different muscles in his legs and feet and he was able to move both of his feet outward toward the walls, then back in again.   A couple of times!   The therapist was impressed;  I (and his Aunt Deb who joined us today) was overwhelmed with excitement and emotion and even Aaron let go over some of his reservation and was excited!     (Aaron is afraid to be overly optomistic, so to get him to say he’s excited ,or to show it, is a major undertaking.   But it happened today!)

Aaron continues to work hard on his therapy and we are seeing the fruits of his efforts.    These movements he’s been experiencing really fuel his desire to work even harder.  Please continue to pray for him and stay tuned to the blog for further updates on his progress!    With our prayers and Aaron’s determination, great things have happened and will continue to do so!

16 thoughts on “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  • Todd

    It makes me so happy to continuely read about your constant progress. Keep fighting bud, we’re all pulling for ya!!!

  • Luke S

    Aaron….Keep up the good work! We’re praying for you every day. God Bless!!


    Luke, Shannon and Pierce Xavier

  • Jen Korac

    Yay!!! Aarol, that is great news! Keep up the good work! *Always in my thoughts and prayers! Love You!

  • Travis, Lindsey, Calvin

    AAAAAAAWSOOOOOOOME!! That is unbelievably amazing!! We are so thrilled at the amount of progress just since you started at K-K!!! Our prayers continue to go up!


  • Mammaw and Pappaw Wood

    Hi Aaron, What great news! Your hard work is beginning to pay off. Keep it up and know that you are in our prayers morning, noon, and night. Spring is such a beautiful time and your progress is making beautiful, wonderful, hope and trust in God.
    Love you!!!!!

  • barb

    Hi, Aaron!
    Wow!!! We have faith & know it’s happening…still it’s inspiring & exciting to hear! Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday. PBcups are packed.
    love barb

  • karen hicks

    Wow! That is awesome news. You know when I read the blogs, it doesn’t matter what kind of day I am having, I always leave feeling better than when I signed on…except when you do so well, that it brings me to tears..I am so happy for all of you. I can’t imagine if it makes me this excited, how it must make you all feel. Love you Bud!

  • Gil Hartley

    Yes, WOW! Keep up the hard work Aaron. And above all always smile, no matter how hard it is, you know that smile will keep people wondering. We continue to pray for you. GOD is good

  • Chuck

    Um,Er,WOW. No discounting those results! Work Aaron, Work. Do it while the iron is hot. But take some “me”(you) time too. Crimeny,
    Alaska/Montana Chuck

  • Jackie L

    These past two weeks have brought such good news that I posted a report of your progress on my own Facebook page. I’m always talking about you and your family and so I wanted to be sure to update everyone. Now I’m getting all kinds of kudos sent my way to pass on to you! So this note is the congrats from many,many people who are behind the scenes who don’t feel comfortable posting but faithfully follow your progress. We’re all thrilled that good things are happening.

  • Jerry Mattern

    I’m inspired by your progress Aaron. Don’t ever give up my friend.

    I miss you buddy, will try to plan a visit shortly.

  • Stacey Shay

    Wow!! I was so excited to read about your progress, keep up the good work! It is great to see that all of your hard work and determiation is providing you with positive results! You are in our thought and prayers!


  • Carol Souder

    This is really great news! Aaron, you definitely should be excited about this and I am sure all your friends and family will be when they hear the news. I know that I think of you every day and remember you in my prayers.. We are all pulling for your recovery and are so happy that the therapy sure seems to be the start of good things. Keep up the hard work Aaron. It is great to hear about your progress!!! Hope to see you soon.



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