Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

Hand Test

Jaime did a test on Aaron today! She squeezed his fingers one at a time and asked him to identify which one she was squeezing and he got it right! In case you’re wondering he had his eyes squeezed tightly closed.  🙂

Aaron is very anxious to get back to Magee to see what else he can do.  So far his tests are coming back with good results so PLEASE pray fervently that his fever will go away and stay away so he can move asap! In fact pray that NOTHING will delay his move back to Magee.

Also a side note… we were reading picture captions in Adam Taliaferro’s book (he was a Penn State football player with a similar injury and prognosis as Aaron’s and walked out of Magee in 10 weeks!) and the one showed him and his family in his room on the day he was discharged from Magee. You’ll never guess what his room number was. That’s right… 543… Aaron’s room number. Pretty cool, huh!

Scrabble Letters

Jaime's Scrabble Letters

Scrabble Letters

Aaron’s mom Diane forwarded this picture to me. Aaron’s cousin Bill and his girlfriend Danielle were playing Scrabble on their cellphones and when it was Danielle’s turn her Scrabble letters read “Ern Heal”. “Ern” is the name Diane’s side of the family has been calling Aaron since he was little.
All I can say to that is we’re all thinking the same thing.