Scrabble Letters

Jaime's Scrabble Letters

Scrabble Letters

Aaron’s mom Diane forwarded this picture to me. Aaron’s cousin Bill and his girlfriend Danielle were playing Scrabble on their cellphones and when it was Danielle’s turn her Scrabble letters read “Ern Heal”. “Ern” is the name Diane’s side of the family has been calling Aaron since he was little.
All I can say to that is we’re all thinking the same thing.

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  • Nancy L. Taxweiler

    Hi Ern

    Just wanted you to know you are in our prayers and thoughts everyday. I know that you are a fighter since you are related to all of the fiesty Peiffers.

    Remenber we are rooting for you and will do anything to help your family and you.

    nancy and Bill Taxweiler

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