Daily Archives: August 18, 2020

Interview with a fellow quad!

I was lucky enough to do an interview with a fellow quadriplegic. Very nice guy and our first of hopefully many interactions. Give it a watch if you have the time. Thanks for watching!


Week two playlist

Hope everyone had a good week. Looking for some good music to start the new one? Here you go! Some of these songs may contain bad lyrics, for anyone that cares. If you’re not aware, those songs are indicated by saying explicit. Just FYI. 

🙂 Have a great week!


Enjoy music?

One thing that distracts my mind and gives me joy is music. Finding new music and sharing it with people is even better. I’m going to do a playlist every week and share with you. Hopefully some of you we’re able to listen/want to listen. They’re good tunes. You should check it out! Distract your mind.