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When I woke up this morning my blood pressure was really low, compared the usual.  It was 99/65.  Typically my blood pressure runs right around 110/70.  Give or take.  I took it 45 minutes later and it dropped a little bit more (92/56).  Again, not the usual for me at all.  I got out of bed and rode the bike for 2 hours.  My plans were to stand after I got off the bike.  I took my blood pressure before standing, just to know what the starting point was.  Well, it was high.  Extremely high.  170/115.  I’m assuming it was because of my pain in my foot when I ride.  I slowly started to stand, going in small increments like I’m supposed to.  Going up too quickly will make my BP drop really fast.  50 minutes after my really high blood pressure, it dropped to 110/72.  It continued to drop to the point where I had to come down.

4:15 PM 94/66

4:25 PM 83/61

4:30 PM 75/51

4:35 PM 72/50

At that point I had to quit.  I took it once I came down the whole way and at 5:00 PM it was back up to 118/81.  It’s crazy what the spinal cord injury does to your body that some people don’t realize or understand.  It’s not just the fact that I can’t walk.  Just wanted to share with everyone.  Oh yeah, I was able to stand for 46 minutes.  21 more minutes than I could yesterday! Thank you for reading!

More standing

I haven’t been able to stand anywhere near 1 hour 45 minutes like I did last weekend. Not sure what I did differently to be able to tolerate everything but I haven’t been able to get anywhere near those numbers. The past few days it’s been in the 20s. I forget what the numbers were Tuesday but Wednesday I didn’t stand, Thursday I was able to do 22 minutes and 25 minutes today. It’s pretty good but not exactly where I’d like to be. I had to stop because my blood pressure keeps tanking. Today it dropped to 67/51, which is ridiculously low. I decided to come down and see if it went up rather than take a pill. Fortunately it did. I’m thinking the more I do it, no longer I’ll be able to stand. Anyway, here are two pictures from the past two days. Just thought I would share.

Standing again

No description available.

Last week I stood for 23 minutes before I had to stop because of my blood pressure dropping. Today I stood for 1 hour and 46 minutes! It was crazy, in a good way. I haven’t stood that long in quite some time. My blood pressure jumped all around the place. It went down to 85/67 but I kept going. Normally, as far as my routine goes, when I have blood pressure below 90 I need to take a pill to raise it. I decided to hold off and keep standing. We kept monitoring my blood pressure and surprisingly it actually came up. The only reason I came down was because my heart rate increased and we wanted to do other things! It’s crazy how the body works! Glad to be standing again.


Hard to believe 9/11 was so long ago.  I hate seeing documentaries where it replays everything from that day but at the same time, I think it’s extremely important.  All of the life lost from the actual accidents.  From first responders and citizens stepping up, to the bystanders in the planes, buildings and on the ground that were killed.  It’s a sad but great thing to hear about because we should never forget.  God bless the USA!

Two exciting things day. I wasn’t able to stand since July, per doctor’s orders, because I previously injured my ankle. Yesterday I did 4 minutes. Today I did 23 minutes. The only reason I stop is because my blood pressure starts to tank. Before I stood for the first time today we took my blood pressure and it was 137/98, which is actually kind of high for me. Typically I’m around 110/70. So I was able to stand and we periodically took my blood pressure. I wasn’t feeling ill but I could slowly feel my blood pressure starting to tank.

1:45 PM 137/95

1:55 PM 105/78

2:05 PM 98/68

2:10 PM 90/62

Once it got to that point I had to stop. Once it goes below 90 I need to take a pill. Instead I stopped and sat down. 2:20 PM it was back up to 107/78. It’s strange how my body works now with a spinal cord injury.

That’s my update. Hope everyone is doing well!

Interview with a fellow quad!

I was lucky enough to do an interview with a fellow quadriplegic. Very nice guy and our first of hopefully many interactions. Give it a watch if you have the time. Thanks for watching!

Week two playlist

Hope everyone had a good week. Looking for some good music to start the new one? Here you go! Some of these songs may contain bad lyrics, for anyone that cares. If you’re not aware, those songs are indicated by saying explicit. Just FYI. 

🙂 Have a great week!

Enjoy music?

One thing that distracts my mind and gives me joy is music. Finding new music and sharing it with people is even better. I’m going to do a playlist every week and share with you. Hopefully some of you we’re able to listen/want to listen. They’re good tunes. You should check it out! Distract your mind.


So this might be totally random but this is where my head is today.

This Covid thing is totally legit and needs to be taken seriously but it’s driving me to my breaking point. I’m not sure if I’ve been this depressed before. I’m trying my best but this is difficult. After everything I’ve been through… Injury, surgeries, moving and all the little and big things in between, I’ve had my people around. My people being my girlfriend, family and friends. Not this time. And I know everyone here is going through the same thing. I realize that. And it’s tough for everyone. I know. I don’t feel like I should get some kind of special privilege, but at the same time, I do. I feel different. I’m 38 years old. I don’t have dementia. Yet. This situation is honestly bringing me down so much and I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes. I’m trapped on the third floor of a nursing home. It’s not bad living here or anything. Being here isn’t a problem. I mean, I would much rather be elsewhere. It’s the fact that I feel trapped.

My facility has been quarantined for some time now. I’m not allowed to leave, go to different floors or do too much really. I can go out of my room and on to a porch but that is usually inhabited by a unkept dude who sometimes works out with a piece of PVC piping with his belly and butt crack hanging out. He’s a good time! My home is waiting for everyone’s Covid test results to come back negative in order to open up again. (All residents and employees from my floor were tested this past week.) At least open up so residents can move from floor to floor. Who knows when we will open up to the public. I’m so used to people telling me what to do, where to go and when to do it, I’m not sure I’ll do with myself if things ever go back to normal. Maybe make plans to actually go out… Doing things. With people. Anyway, my test came back negative. That was the third one I’ve had since this whole pandemic started. I love the tests. Especially the one that goes really far into your nostril. Perfect for when the back of your brain is itchy. Things are just ridiculous. For example, in order for me to go to my dentist appointment downstairs I have to wear all out PPE. Mask, shield and gown. To travel two floors. Two floors. In the same building that I live. Unbelievable

I haven’t seen my friends, family or girlfriend in five months. That is of course with the exception of briefly seeing them when I was hospitalized but, I don’t remember much from that time. After all, I thought there was peanut butter and handwriting on the walls. I guess I kind of lost my shit so maybe not seeing anyone for the best. It’s beyond frustrating when I can look outside and see how beautiful it is. I’m always cold so I really enjoy getting out in the sun. Not allowed to do that. I can always go on that porch I mentioned earlier. Party! So I’ve spent my entire summer in my room or on the porch with that guy with the pipe playing board games. Thank god for my computer and technology so I can keep in touch with everyone and keep from going crazy.

Thanks for reading about my life. My journey. Not overly exciting these days. Maybe again one day.

So much has changed since I last checked in. I moved from home into an assisted living facility January 24. A nursing home. Don’t get me wrong, It’s much more than that. Very clean and everything someone would want for their loved ones should they need to be in such a place. Everyone is accommodating and extremely friendly. Unfortunately, this is where my life has brought me so I’m trying to make the best of it. It’s hard, especially with the corona virus/ quarantine happening just a month or so after I moved in. I haven’t seen my family or friends in over a month. My girlfriend for almost two months. Thank God for Skype and Zoom. Not sure what I would do without that technology. Can’t imagine what the older generation is going through without the things I get to use every day

My birthday was almost a month ago and I didn’t see anyone I love. Might not sound like a big deal but when it comes down to it, but when was the last time you spent your birthday alone? Extremely fortunate I’ve grown up with those that I love always around me during rough times. I’ve been through a lot. Spinal cord injury, surgeries, therapy and recovery, constant pain, anxiety and depression, sleep apnea, not being able to sleep and the list could go on. Medication for everything. I have to admit, this is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever have to do. I realize I’m very fortunate to have everything I do. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful. It’s just hard. Life is hard for everyone, and someone somewhere else is always worse off and has their own story.

Having said all this, I know we will get through. It’s just a waiting game as long as people respect the guidelines given to us regarding the virus. Hopefully a year from now this will be in the past, there’s a vaccine and we don’t have a new kind of annual ‘flu season’ to worry about. I have a feeling we will see people walking around with masks on for a very very long time, but we can get overcome this if we stick together.

Not sure what else to write about right now. Just wanted to check in. Stay safe. Respect the rules. Love your friends and family! Appreciate everything you have! Everything!


I get an e-mail every Monday letting me know my stats from the previous week regarding my bike riding. For those that don’t know, I pull up to a machine, get pads connected to my legs, feet put into place and go. Most of it is the machine but I can help a little. Again, 99.99% is a machine but still. It helps. I usually do 2 hours a day during the week when I don’t have appointments. 8.3 miles per session, over 16 miles a day. Anyway, I got an e-mail this morning telling me my overall numbers. I’ve done over 2000 sessions which would be 2000 hours and 16,000 miles. Pretty cool and I’m fairly proud so I wanted to share. Thanks to everyone who donates to my fund. These things are expensive but I get a lot of use out of them and it is definitely beneficial. This thing will not run forever and I will have to do another fundraiser to replace it. Just letting those who gave know where your money goes. One of the many things anyway. Thanks again!