Daily Archives: September 18, 2020

More standing

I haven’t been able to stand anywhere near 1 hour 45 minutes like I did last weekend. Not sure what I did differently to be able to tolerate everything but I haven’t been able to get anywhere near those numbers. The past few days it’s been in the 20s. I forget what the numbers were Tuesday but Wednesday I didn’t stand, Thursday I was able to do 22 minutes and 25 minutes today. It’s pretty good but not exactly where I’d like to be. I had to stop because my blood pressure keeps tanking. Today it dropped to 67/51, which is ridiculously low. I decided to come down and see if it went up rather than take a pill. Fortunately it did. I’m thinking the more I do it, no longer I’ll be able to stand. Anyway, here are two pictures from the past two days. Just thought I would share.