Daily Archives: September 19, 2020


When I woke up this morning my blood pressure was really low, compared the usual.  It was 99/65.  Typically my blood pressure runs right around 110/70.  Give or take.  I took it 45 minutes later and it dropped a little bit more (92/56).  Again, not the usual for me at all.  I got out of bed and rode the bike for 2 hours.  My plans were to stand after I got off the bike.  I took my blood pressure before standing, just to know what the starting point was.  Well, it was high.  Extremely high.  170/115.  I’m assuming it was because of my pain in my foot when I ride.  I slowly started to stand, going in small increments like I’m supposed to.  Going up too quickly will make my BP drop really fast.  50 minutes after my really high blood pressure, it dropped to 110/72.  It continued to drop to the point where I had to come down.

4:15 PM 94/66

4:25 PM 83/61

4:30 PM 75/51

4:35 PM 72/50

At that point I had to quit.  I took it once I came down the whole way and at 5:00 PM it was back up to 118/81.  It’s crazy what the spinal cord injury does to your body that some people don’t realize or understand.  It’s not just the fact that I can’t walk.  Just wanted to share with everyone.  Oh yeah, I was able to stand for 46 minutes.  21 more minutes than I could yesterday! Thank you for reading!