Daily Archives: September 10, 2020

Two exciting things day. I wasn’t able to stand since July, per doctor’s orders, because I previously injured my ankle. Yesterday I did 4 minutes. Today I did 23 minutes. The only reason I stop is because my blood pressure starts to tank. Before I stood for the first time today we took my blood pressure and it was 137/98, which is actually kind of high for me. Typically I’m around 110/70. So I was able to stand and we periodically took my blood pressure. I wasn’t feeling ill but I could slowly feel my blood pressure starting to tank.

1:45 PM 137/95

1:55 PM 105/78

2:05 PM 98/68

2:10 PM 90/62

Once it got to that point I had to stop. Once it goes below 90 I need to take a pill. Instead I stopped and sat down. 2:20 PM it was back up to 107/78. It’s strange how my body works now with a spinal cord injury.

That’s my update. Hope everyone is doing well!